October 19, 2007

Stop Inspiring me!!!

I wrote this long back..I am publishing this as I wanted to compare the themes of my poems.I realise that everything revolves around a single inspiration.I hate to call it my inspiration as it left me bruises..I wish u could stop inspiring me from writing this.I want to write about things that would bring a beautiful smile of warmth not sarcasm....

My eyes opened to find u in darkness,

The halos of my faith lead me to your soul

You moved away leaving your tears to follow

Trying to trace those momentary icons,

Walking through all the thorns u laid to hurt me

Enjoying the sweetness of that pain I followed….

Standing alone in the path to zenith I looked around;

Looks of sarcasm all around, made me blind

Drowning in the guilt of the passion I chose,

Your eyes speaking about the unknown seasons,

Reading the words from your limpid heart

I searched for those dreams holding our hands.

Felt them perishing in the heat of my agony

With my reflections dying with them

I woke to the music of the new season to come

Holding me with its words of hopes and spirits

I moved along in this new wind of desire,

To find myself smiling in the mirror of tomorrow…


Riddhi said...

Thats the way you go girl... don't let anybody be in control of your happiness

Anonymous said...

have you ever tried your hand at Creative writing..You have a rare breed of literary finesse, too early to say its 'unparalled', but strikingly fresh, candid and jubilant.

I would love to apply a different attire now and try printing down a critique. But, fellow readers might perceive that as offensive, prejudiced and unsympathetic.

Keep peggin on... sharpen your phraseaology and who knows... a momentary bliss might avoke a hidden genius.