October 3, 2007

My First Post

I always scribble down something when I feel low.I am bad with spellings and grammar.Never care to spell check or read through whatever i write.But it feels so nice when u actually pen your emotions.I have a diary..A secret diary...I scribble down stuff in it once in a while..mostly when I am depressed.But when i turn the previous pages,I feel awkward..
Poems were my all time favorite.I used to write poems..oops I still write poems.But for most of the people it doesnt make sense.They say its just a play of tough and ambiguous words.But they are true...words coming out of my heart can never make sense.

My literature teachers used to teach us the poems of great poets like Frost.We were asked to write compositions on the poets intended message.But I wonder how can we be sure that he meant the same thing..My poems are a part of me..unless you know me well,I doubt you can understand my words...So making this blog public will invite me trouble I guess ..:)

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