October 21, 2007


Once a friend of mine complained that my happiness is dependent on others.At that point of time I was actually annoyed as I felt that dependent happiness is a good thing..But took me sometime to realize the depth of that very statement..
I believe that its very easy to fake happiness,even if you are going through the toughest phase of your life,you can make others think that you are having a great time.I don't know if its a good thing or not,But on the process of fooling others with this fake happiness,at a point it becomes real.That is when the fun begins.You never know if you are being happy for yourself or for others.Just a big smile n your face is just enough to convince a few I guess.
Whats being happy for yourself??
My roomy wants me to live a day for myself..Do things what my mind wants to..Attain the happiness which nobody else but I should give myself...I am trying to breath the very thought.But I am scared if I'll fall in love with those moments and never come back to my old self...
Can we be happy for ourself alone.Everything we do has something to do with others,and I just cant isolate happiness form people around,or am I missing something..I actually discussed about this to my few friends..here are their comments..

1. donno.. but i feel there r no moments that we can have for ourselves.. because we are what we are because of everyone around us
2. we live as if we were never gonna die, and die as if we had never lived everyone around us
quite contradicting answers rite?

The Philosophy of 'objectivism'.I wish I could embrace it..But then I feel I am too late for it or the little goodness that is instilled in me might just sublime if I do..
I am just following the time...For me the little pressures are always bringing a smile..I just love the 'bubbly' tag associated with me..But let me contradict that statement..I wish I could act Grouchy....
Well all this nonsense did make some sense to my mind!!!So I think I am ready for it!!!!


thomas said...

Strange, as the blog goes, stranger that none did comment about your 'thoughts'.
I don't intend to paste a snide remark with a smirk daubed on my countenance, but objectivism,which has roots in materialsm maybe too unrealistic a philosophy to grasp the whole spectrum of human pscyho social fabric, intricately interwoven with mystical realism and sharp( though at times heavily blunt ) experiences that might puncture human sentiments, deeper than a stileto would pierce a foe's torso.

Just keep nurturing the child within, grouchy haggard nature wouldnt suit you :) alright her majesty. Lemme bid adieu.. i know its too much for a comment....

Rohit said...

I like the fact that you do not use heavy words to convey simple meanings.
The essence of good writing is in reaching your audience not in confusing them.
I also like that you do not abbreviate too much. A great sin of our generation is to kill the language by abusing it.
A job well done.