October 5, 2008

The Ghost of You!

When we feel really helpless or rather embarrassed about something,we move into a stage of hostile procrastination.The element of dissatisfaction about someone or the way you responded to it, will instill some knee-jerk behaviours.
At times, when we are really pissed about something and also have a self realization that there is no sense in being silly/pissed about it,we try to act as if we wouldn't vent it out to make a fool of ourselves.But the irony is that,such foolish attempts might lead toa zillion destructive assumptions.
Most of the people(though majority of them don't admit) are sensitive and possessive.But their sensitivity and possessiveness are camouflaged well or rather many can carry themselves pretty well without letting the world know that they do have the so called 'Female traits'.The most foolish thing one can do about this would be going around telling everybody about your behavioural traits.We might think this would help others in understanding us in our state of 'Chaos',But for those who do that,they will be tagged with such traits even if they behaviour is normal and sensible.
The best way of dealing with the mood swings and behavioural inconsistencies would be the so called adaptive intelligence.Take small steps at a time and try to correct every single breath you take right form the beginning of emotional chaos.
Try to look at yourself as you would see any other person in trauma.Never let yourself run away or towards the reason of the conflict.'Diplomacy' is the right term here.Our own self can be very interesting at times.Learning ourselves and the frequency curves would lead us to a state of simplicity.A world without any preset philosophies.Just go for a free fall.Re frame your thinking mode.Don't make yourself the hero of a cult movie but,Like in romantic comedies,try to be that stupid hero who fails to be himself in front of the heroine.

October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

'Lifting shadows off a Dream turned 1 today'..Ooops a long Name..I should rather call him(Yes Yes its a him) by his pet name.I still haven't come up with a cute name yet.But suggestions are welcome.;)
Well last year when I decided to start a public blog,my intentions were just to kill time and frustrations.
My friends always complain that I never edit my emails and letters!When I started blogging I never wanted people to comment on my sentence structure,spellings and grammar.But then like somebody says 'Who Cares'.;)
But today my little cute diary is dormant.I am into the tasking of 'Saving Tress'.
Well it was a pretty good networking with blogging.On this day my intention is to write about some funny incidents and characters I met in this space.
Thanks to the blogpane for the popularity and the hits.Special thanks to Ajith for linking one of my posts in his blog and his comments for almost all my posts.I used to stalk on all the visitors using my sitemeter and have a good laugh when I realise that some people read my blog everyday!
There used to be this anonymous person who used to comment about my writing style and sentence structure.I guess he thinks there is no use giving me advices rather warnings :P.
The Anonymous Economist:Mr Anand,the economist from world bank!No idea who this guy is.I tried hard finding him in orkut with the help of all the information on his IP.No luck.He no more reads my blog!Well it was fun reading your comments Mr Economist.

Vintace aka Thomas: Someone who pretends that he is commenting but writes longer stuff than what I post.Finally he ended up starting a blog for his 'Creative writing'.

Anonymous Austin:Every single day I used to have a visitor from UT Austin who had linux OS,I have just two friends in UT.One is someone who wouldn't even read his assignments properly.The other friend,well to be honest I thought she would be the last person to stalk on me.I belived there is some anonymous admirer in UT until last week,When all the suspense ended,it was her..Ms NP!!;)

Trivandrum-Kolkata-LA Somebody who never wants me to blog just because he knows I write only when I am extremely depressed.Thanks to him for all those international and now free AT&T calls starting 'What happened da?'

Delhi Team:The Alstom Females :Daily Cup of coffee!!

My Family:
My Chettan and Chechi who keeps an eye on my Blog!
My Chechis in Bay Area who reads my blog from their office.(Nortel,Cisco)

Thanks Jamie for reading my blog regularly1Missing You all!!

College Station:For all those stalkers in College Station:More to Come :P

Finland: Thanks Laila Chechi

Chennai:Ms I never knew you would read read my Blog Aaaana :P

Anonymous Anonymous!Still quite a lot of critics are anonymous.I just know their locations!
New Delhi
Bangalore(I know a few)
Bombay(Special thanks to Jolly for adding my blog)
Clemson,South Carolina(I think I know who this can be)
Well I should stop this here!
Thanks a lot for all those visits and comments,I missed a lot of regular visitors here,But then I am not sure If they will be happy to have their name in my post :P
More to Come :)
PS:Duh!Not edited!!