October 5, 2008

The Ghost of You!

When we feel really helpless or rather embarrassed about something,we move into a stage of hostile procrastination.The element of dissatisfaction about someone or the way you responded to it, will instill some knee-jerk behaviours.
At times, when we are really pissed about something and also have a self realization that there is no sense in being silly/pissed about it,we try to act as if we wouldn't vent it out to make a fool of ourselves.But the irony is that,such foolish attempts might lead toa zillion destructive assumptions.
Most of the people(though majority of them don't admit) are sensitive and possessive.But their sensitivity and possessiveness are camouflaged well or rather many can carry themselves pretty well without letting the world know that they do have the so called 'Female traits'.The most foolish thing one can do about this would be going around telling everybody about your behavioural traits.We might think this would help others in understanding us in our state of 'Chaos',But for those who do that,they will be tagged with such traits even if they behaviour is normal and sensible.
The best way of dealing with the mood swings and behavioural inconsistencies would be the so called adaptive intelligence.Take small steps at a time and try to correct every single breath you take right form the beginning of emotional chaos.
Try to look at yourself as you would see any other person in trauma.Never let yourself run away or towards the reason of the conflict.'Diplomacy' is the right term here.Our own self can be very interesting at times.Learning ourselves and the frequency curves would lead us to a state of simplicity.A world without any preset philosophies.Just go for a free fall.Re frame your thinking mode.Don't make yourself the hero of a cult movie but,Like in romantic comedies,try to be that stupid hero who fails to be himself in front of the heroine.


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for a difference, i think this is the first time that I'm reading an 'upadesham' type post in ur blog ..Nallathu thanne :)