June 21, 2011


I am proud of being a Woman.I enjoy and detest womanhood at the same time.I am not a Feminist,But once upon a time I believed I was.That was the time I belived most of the men are just hypocrites.In course of my maturity growth,I happened to find some important 'men' in my life which made me realise that it is absurd to categorize people good or bad based on their gender,When woman talk about their rights,their representation,their security,their growth,the message spread around is that woman are some sort of inferior beings fighting for their representation.But I totally cannot agree to this mad rush as I believe women who fights for equality with men lacks ambition.
I recently came across an interview with Shiney Ahuja's wife.I am not anyone to judge whether he was guilty or not.But like the mass public to an extend I too belived he might have been guilty.But now I feel that like many cases,the law might have been biased.Just because a girl claims,should we all belive he is Guilty?I believe that its high time we stop sympathizing and be prudent in judging a person or situation.Even in personal and professional circle,I have come across many who tries to threaten to defame fellow men just to get things done..
Well,on the other side we see those men who are like mad animals destroying innocent lives at their own convenience.Its disheartening to read about Child molestation and those cruel rapes.I wonder why I never hear women doing such crimes.Is it the biology?
Recently I came across an article where a man was caught 'raping' a dead woman?What is that we lack in our moral behaviour that people are making themselves Psychos?
May be it is this public image of man which is giving the Women an upperhand in many cases and situations.
But it is a fact that society is a mixture of sesible and few senseless people.Let be rational and think about the social happenings with an open mind.Let us be Prudent in any judgement we make.May be the judiciary can fail based on evidences,But not our conscience :)