June 1, 2012

Story Teller

Ever since I could trace back my memories,one distinct thing I could remember about myself was that I was a 'Story Teller'.I could have any number of people around me and take them to a world of fantasies and curiosity with the way I talked.My teachers thought I was an expressive kid and took me to all those Story telling competitions where I failed miserably.Don't assume it was my stage fear,But I could never repeat a story which was taught to me as I always found happiness in making up a new story on the spot.I still remember the looks on the faces of my teachers when I come down the stage disappointing their hardship of teaching me a good story.That was me.A spontaneous,outspoken, talkative and to sum it up a tiny little story teller who could go on and on about places which she never had even seen on TV.
Little funny stories grew serious,life unfolded every day with a total surprise almost everyday.I started to watch interesting stories,characters,climaxes all around me.I don't claim to have experienced the so called roller coaster hardships or dramatic thrillers,but nevertheless I tried to see each episode of my life as an interesting story I could narrate and relate to people around me.I started writing down a few thoughts about how my brain responded to these stories life .Years passed,I still had a stock of stories,unlike the past the curious twinkle on their eyes turned to clouded tear drops,But I continues my stories with the same smile on my face.I don't know what my passion is.I don't know if I could pen down all that which has been burning inside those smiles.But I would want to be a story teller to someone or anyone who could give me back a curious eyes of suspense :)