December 16, 2010

But it Rained....

It just rained outside.I never used to fanatsize rain earlier,Infact I always wonder how could some people could write and talk so much about rain.I always tagged rain with an inconvenience factor.Today I ran outside my room to watch room.Strange how one year in a desert made me love such a beautiful natural phenomenon which I always ignored in my life.This is true for almost everything in our life.We take most of the things we have for granted.We might take time to appreciate stuff others have,but we fail to recognize and appreciate stuff we have with ourselves.Most if us take our parents for granted.We keep demanding for stuff or rather at some point in your life you must have thought wish they were never there to control you. The previous statement has a variant assertiveness at different stages.So it might be a little difficult to initially accept this very statement.But when they cease to exist we feel totaly handicapped even if we are self sufficient.At some point or the other, their existence cannot be replaced by anybody else atleast in our Indian way of living.
Likewise in our mad rush for achieving all that we dreamt,we fail to take a moment to appreciate those people around us who is actually the foundation for all our growth,mebbe its your partner,mebbe its ur guide,mebbe its parents,I guess atleast once should we take a little time to appreciate those wonderful bricks holding us together..

December 4, 2010

A thought!

Quarter Crisis as they say is truly an emotional transition .Everybody is so busy stepping into relationships,new career path,educational milestones, that they themselves never get a moment to sink in and realise where exactly they are and what exactly they are doing.This is the point of life where we just let go of those really strong passions we had few years ago and just strive to survive the peer pressure..
Many actually are too busy in this peer flow that we don't know ourselves if we are mature enough to handle that particular position in our career or even in family life.Most of us are so greedy to step up in the career ladder or for a pay hike that we cant handle a small step down or failure.Unlike older times every single individual we meet are so ambitious and well qualified that there is a lot of pressure and competition everywhere.But what our generation lacks is that maturity to handle a slight setback.
Another reason for lack of tolerance or adjustment is that we have lot of options.May of us are confident enough if not this job we can find something better.This is in a way applicable in personal life too.Many fail to do small adjustments and sacrifices in married life with this same attitude in our mind.Every single thing can be replaced in this era,so the tolerance limit is coming down too.This generation might be an intelligent workaholic ambitious and a diplomatic generation.But what we need to think is if we are a matured generation have principles and ideologies?

October 25, 2010

Random Ramblings

Relationships are indeed complex to be deciphered and predicted.Some relationships are by choice,some are by default,some are unexpected and few are forced on you.Most of us feel that we are that essential part for somonelse or mebbe for a something and the world comes to a complete standstill if we fail to exist.But irony is that we ourselves know that this is not the truth. we slog day and night for our work,making ourselves belive we are indispensible for the project team or for your Boss,But the truth again is nothing is gonna be stagnant.Everybody moves on.
I was feeling terrible for no reason after my best friend got married.I myself couldnt convince myself that I should be happy rather than being possessive about my friend.But then time is a good healer.I myself is not sure whether I would miss her so much once I settle down in my life.Priorities change,friends who you think can inseparable starts drifting away from you or you drift away from them in this flow.But I am sure there will be some point in our lives (mebbe few years down the line)we might get back to this same stage.So the gist of this random rambling is that we all move on,people come into your life and go away from you,but ur existence should eb guarded by your own will to go ahead and complete this so called cycle!

April 6, 2010

Change of Seasons

The love in the lyrics haunting my smile
I skipped a heart beat when I hugged you
all the pain and grief that stuffed my past
washed away in that tear of joy;
I smelt the blossoming seasons in your breath
moving in the ocean of endless hopes and dreams
closing my eyes to grab the beauty of your presence
my soul bonding its alter presence across the miles
Here we stand together to be more closer than ever
fathoming our love for a more beautiful tomorrow..

February 18, 2010

Dew Drop!

Dewdrops failed to whisper to me
Holding you in the warmth of my palm
arid past stay untouched in my eyes
My fingers shivered in holding you tight
swallowing the pain,I smiled at you;
Failing to see the gleam in your eyes
I recalled those dark shadows to guide me back
retracing my path in my teardrops
subliming the heartbeats in the rhytmn
I droped you to a blossoming bud
away from the deadly teary fog
just to see you smile and shine

January 18, 2010

Mindless Mosaics

Best time to give a little thought to ‘About me; is when we travel, I just love the time when I get to myself on my way to work. I tune into my favorite FM Channel and listen to their classic breakfast show. Then comes the fun part, People generally have a notion such a ‘self’ space is very dangerous. But I believe it’s nice to have a thought about your past and you’re present. I don’t want to call it’s a retrospection as that term has a lot of guilt associated with it. Apart from regrets, there are many small things which you yourself ignored which can make you proud and put a smile upon your face.
Last day I happened to see the latest building wonder.’ The Burj Kahalifa’.Buildings these days symbolizes the attitude of people. Everybody wants to rise so high, but their mind set is so narrow, The narrow pencil like structure might be architecture marvel, But to me it just symbolized a structure trying to prove ‘You can’t beat me’.
I got to learn some interesting facts about the mallus out here. They starve; they save every single ‘dirham’ and wire it back home. It’s interesting to note that most people here have a ‘sharing accommodation’. Its if a flat/house has three bedrooms and a drawing room, there will be 4 families staying in that house with a common kitchen and a bathroom. I was shocked to see even an average income guy would prefer living this way with his family coz that is the best way to save money. At the end of the day, everybody wants to have a huge bank balance back home. I sometimes wonder how long they can keep doing this. Is our ultimate motto in life is have a huge savings when we retire or to have a satisfactory life till we retire? My house owner once told me(who is earning a huge amount every month making 3 other families stay at his house), I live like a laborer here and I live like a king in my house back home. His ‘King’ role comes once in a year, But is it worth all the pain and compromises to have a royal stay once in a year. Well each one of us has a different outlook towards life. We have a different mission and vision, but I guess I would like to live life to the fullest today like I will die tomorrow.