December 4, 2010

A thought!

Quarter Crisis as they say is truly an emotional transition .Everybody is so busy stepping into relationships,new career path,educational milestones, that they themselves never get a moment to sink in and realise where exactly they are and what exactly they are doing.This is the point of life where we just let go of those really strong passions we had few years ago and just strive to survive the peer pressure..
Many actually are too busy in this peer flow that we don't know ourselves if we are mature enough to handle that particular position in our career or even in family life.Most of us are so greedy to step up in the career ladder or for a pay hike that we cant handle a small step down or failure.Unlike older times every single individual we meet are so ambitious and well qualified that there is a lot of pressure and competition everywhere.But what our generation lacks is that maturity to handle a slight setback.
Another reason for lack of tolerance or adjustment is that we have lot of options.May of us are confident enough if not this job we can find something better.This is in a way applicable in personal life too.Many fail to do small adjustments and sacrifices in married life with this same attitude in our mind.Every single thing can be replaced in this era,so the tolerance limit is coming down too.This generation might be an intelligent workaholic ambitious and a diplomatic generation.But what we need to think is if we are a matured generation have principles and ideologies?


rakuboy said...

quite an interesting analogy.. but to what extent do you think people treat personal life just like they treat their careers?

swathi said...

thts really true..!!.but itz not that this generation hav lost their principles and ideologies ryt??