December 27, 2008

Matrimonial Blues-Part 2

The Matrimonial hunt is also hit hard by the recession.I hear less of engagements,but more of marriages as I believe people dont want to lose their fiancees too, along with losing their jobs.
Its been almost a year my relatives have been after me to look for guys in the matrimonial sites.Though I am a beginner compared to my friends who are far ahead in this process, I have had some wonderful experiences and have made some notes which might help all those who would be in this process sooner or later.For the ease of it let me call the Prospective candidate as PC and the Applicant as AC :D
1.Unlike the primitive times where we had to make phone calls to our friends/relatives to know about someone,today the first thing the AC does his 'google' his/her name in orkut search.Well if you find a really impressive profile picture,Whew!Next comes intense postmoretm of the the profile which includes the interests,profession even 5 things you find in his/her bedroom :P.If you have really wacky'dull 'headlines' or 'about me' its gonna be a big turn off.Then comes the testimonials.Make sure you have really impressive testimonials and please do not lock your testimonials if you are a PC!On a lighter note,if you have the testimonials from ur ex-gfs/bfs,its high time you delete those mushy testimonials.
Most of the albums and scrapbook are locked these days.But trust me, people like me even go to the extent of reading the scrap books of PCs from the first page and have been turned off by the insight of their past relationships.I know quite a lot of people who have been disappointed to see the album locked and end up asking the 'mutual friends' to download and send them the pictures :)
Communities are another major criteria in the selection process.Getting to know the guy is through the communities he is a member of.First things first.You check on the 'mutual communities'.Yipee!!  We have 5 communities in common. Make sure you screen your communities well if you are in this process.Recently my friend rejected a guy just because he was part of a liquor community as it was not quite acceptable in their religion.
Well if you are a blogger,Bingo!It helps ur AC to get a good idea about you.Many of those doing ng MS/PhD have their own academic web pages which also helps the AC.
These days 'googling' in orkut has become so common that many of the elders in my family do that to learn more about the fiancees of their dear ones.If you are already engaged or announced your commitment to the family,You can expect to see a lot of of profile visitors.
Unfortunately Facebook doesnt allow unsolicited loitering in their profile,So many are disappointed to find PCs having no accounts in orkut,but only in Facebook.
2.Never start a conversation with a AC with a notion that he or she knows nothing about you.In this era of cyber matrimonial and dating,its very easy for anybody to find details of the past relationships.To be on the safer side,its always best to be truthful about your social life,else  you'll be sued for cheating with ur scrapbook or testimonials as evidence.
Recently my cousin came up with this proposal for me from a IITM  guy.She expected me to get excited as once upon a time I had put 'IIT,NIT'in my specifications and kept rejecting her selections as they are not from IIT,NIT.Though I did it to escape from this process,Now I realise most girls from my college days prefer the same.Well coming back to the story,I googled the guy's name in orkut and was surprised to find no common friends as I always end up finding at least a common friend with a NIT or IIT guy.I wasn't very much impressed by his pic nor his profile which looked dead without even one testimonial.My cousin was kinda proud of giving me a guy of my choice and was talking about the future plans and how his face reminded her of me.But I knew I could find an excuse,I kept fiddling with his profile,and here is the catch.Well its not IITM BUT IIITM :) Bingo!I jumped and told her about my intelligent finding!
But all that she told me  was.'Edi ,Cmon Big deal..He has an extra 'I' not one less;so its a plus right?' :D
Good Luck guys n gals with your 'HUNT'.Time to polish ur profiles :)

December 18, 2008

Trial of words

Holding hands of those shadows beside me
I stood there frozen to feel the dream
Did you tell me I could feel the warmth?
Or did the shadows just echoed my past?
The space and time crumbling in myself
I could see you in that crackled mirror
Walking to you with those dark eyes in pain
I smiled to those stars that showed me my way
Deep steps might leave a mark for you
to make you regret on the blood that it shed
crippled faith wont let me surrender to you
my silent scream would reach you soon
to wake you up from the dream you showed me.

I believe behind every sorrow there is an expectation.To feel true happiness or content we have to get rid of all expectations we have in others,society and future.But I dont think anyone of us could have the leisure of not having any expectations.If you claim you dont,I bet you are the biggest hypocrit.I personaly have seen a lot of people who claim to be really strong struggling to establish their strength or emphasize that in their deeds.But the truth is its all about how well you hide your weakness.Strength is that virtue which people develop to hold on to  satisy their ego ....Cliche?

December 12, 2008


Inspite of changing my orkut status to 'Graduated', I was not really excited about the graduation.I didn't know why I wasnt excited.Must be my 'unemployment' status or might be the fact that I wanted a few people to be with me on this special day.Graduation ceremony might not be a big deal for many,But there is something that brings a lot of friends and family to this occasion.Some unknown feeling of pride on their dear ones.While I walked in in Regalia with thousands in the stadium,for some reason I started walking strong,something pulled back my stoop and pushed my chin up.I smiled..I looked around,I felt that the entire crowd was there to cheer me :)
This lasted for a fraction of a second.But I wish I could get that smile back.
Everytime you smile ,you pay for it.I did say goodbye to few people who were a big part of my life here.Tears cant hold them back,nor the friendship.All that you can hope is that 'smile' when you scan through those beautiful moments we shared :)

I better stop this Post here on a happy Note!!
1.Bush's Speech was not that bad.I really enjoyed it.He has a good sense of humour :)
2.Thats me in the pic ;)Whoop!I graduated!Proud to be an Aggie!!

December 7, 2008

Who is your President?

Our Brain is very wicked!It sometimes put you in awkward and embarrassing situations.Yesterday had a good trivia time with Ms Brain(Not sure if I should address my own brain Ms or Mr).:P
We were a group of 5 celebrating my friend's graduation at a Cajun Sea food restaurant.Three Indians and 2 French. When struggling hard with lobster tails, I always prefer to be silent as I don't like others to find out that I am clumsy with food.
Trying hard to avoid the Euro-Indo relationships,we were having a good time discussing the food,music and culture.Appreciating their interest and knowledge in Indian cities, we were just trying hard to act 'International'.(Thanks to those ads by the tourism ministry that pop up in our TV Channels).
Here comes the twist.This French girl asked me an innocuous question.So 'Baadera',Who is the President of India?Gulp!I kept chewing nothing!President of India(Not Obama,Not Mc Cain,Not Bush).I looked at the other two(Similar gestures).Busy meddling with lobsters.
Finally my other friend charged.Our Prime Minister is Manmohan Singh!The next in row,Our former President was Dr Abdul Kalam.Both of them looked at me as if I was supposed to take the ball in my court.
Cant I remember the name of the President of my country.Felt as if their looks were crushing me.Trying to hide my shameful face, I started a conversation to justify our memory .'You know unlike in France,President is not so important to us,Its PM for us, and our President is a she..(I said what?Just because its a female how can you forget her name).
French Army:"But cmon guys,none of you know her name?"
Indian Army:(Giggling)(All eyes on me)(I hate to admit here I was in the quiz club both in school and college)
All that I could remember was the article I read in Times of India where her comments on Bombay attack.But Still no luck with name..I cursed my memory.!
Waiter looking at my exhausted face..'Yes Mam,what dessert can I get for you'
P...Patail..Yesss Pratiba Patil
Whew!I just didnt notice the weird and confused look on his face.I just looked at everybody and screamed..Its Pratiba Patil..The President of India :)
I heard laughter,I heard sarcasm!But I was happy.I didnt forget her name.
Should I blame the media for not binging her name?Should I blame her for not being an active President?Or is it just my brain or my lack of current affairs!
My friend did a good job asking me another innocuous question..'Pratiba Patil?Are you sure?I thought she was some old bollywood actress'!
God Bless India!