December 12, 2008


Inspite of changing my orkut status to 'Graduated', I was not really excited about the graduation.I didn't know why I wasnt excited.Must be my 'unemployment' status or might be the fact that I wanted a few people to be with me on this special day.Graduation ceremony might not be a big deal for many,But there is something that brings a lot of friends and family to this occasion.Some unknown feeling of pride on their dear ones.While I walked in in Regalia with thousands in the stadium,for some reason I started walking strong,something pulled back my stoop and pushed my chin up.I smiled..I looked around,I felt that the entire crowd was there to cheer me :)
This lasted for a fraction of a second.But I wish I could get that smile back.
Everytime you smile ,you pay for it.I did say goodbye to few people who were a big part of my life here.Tears cant hold them back,nor the friendship.All that you can hope is that 'smile' when you scan through those beautiful moments we shared :)

I better stop this Post here on a happy Note!!
1.Bush's Speech was not that bad.I really enjoyed it.He has a good sense of humour :)
2.Thats me in the pic ;)Whoop!I graduated!Proud to be an Aggie!!


Hari Vishnu said...

i cant believe you werent so excited about graduation.. well yea, its not the graduation that matters, its the reunion.. but the convocation is the one thing ive been looking forward to since i passed out of nitc this march (or april or wenever it is we pass out :) )..

unfortunately the authorities this time decided to keep the date a suspense.. (i even posted one on that out of pure frustration :) )and its killing us, not knowing when we're going to meet our batchmates and friends, some of them maybe for the last time..

Horatio said...

congrats man :)

was expecting to meet u but got the news that u aint coming.

Hey had difficulty reading the blog. The fonts were almost invisible

rakuboy said...

hey.. Congrats!!

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tiger said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.