October 25, 2010

Random Ramblings

Relationships are indeed complex to be deciphered and predicted.Some relationships are by choice,some are by default,some are unexpected and few are forced on you.Most of us feel that we are that essential part for somonelse or mebbe for a something and the world comes to a complete standstill if we fail to exist.But irony is that we ourselves know that this is not the truth. we slog day and night for our work,making ourselves belive we are indispensible for the project team or for your Boss,But the truth again is nothing is gonna be stagnant.Everybody moves on.
I was feeling terrible for no reason after my best friend got married.I myself couldnt convince myself that I should be happy rather than being possessive about my friend.But then time is a good healer.I myself is not sure whether I would miss her so much once I settle down in my life.Priorities change,friends who you think can inseparable starts drifting away from you or you drift away from them in this flow.But I am sure there will be some point in our lives (mebbe few years down the line)we might get back to this same stage.So the gist of this random rambling is that we all move on,people come into your life and go away from you,but ur existence should eb guarded by your own will to go ahead and complete this so called cycle!