April 28, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Never can I say goodbye to those crimson walls
Every brick calling me back for a touch
living behind my heart in those corners
Hiding all those happy moments I had with them
Can they just echo my childhood ??
Those marks I made with my dirty hands
clinging on to them to share my woes
I did heard them promise to keep me with them
Smell of monsoon haunting me every moment
Why did you give me the strength to walk away?
All I could hear was them singing dirges
I don't want to strangle in those memories
My tears can never wash you away
let me live in that heaven for another lifetime

April 13, 2008

Vishu :)

I feel very nostalgic today..I have been trying to read 'Real Options:Managerial Flexibility and strategy in Resource allocation' for the past 3 hours,But the only thing that is coming to my mind is 'Vishu'.The evenings before Vishu when I used to go hunt for 'Kanikonna' in the campus..(I hope the 'Kanikonna' near Guest house and AB has bloomed)
Its a bit surprising because the only thing I enjoyed about vishu when I was at home was 'Vishukineetams' especially if I happen to be at my Native place on Vishu eve which happens only once in a blue moon.
I used to hate the fact that after'Vishukani' I am not allowed to go back to bed..:(
Then comes the Vishukineetam part and the temple visit for which I had to get ready early morning...I always wondered whats wrong in seeing the kani a bit late..:P
But today I realise that, things which i took very lightly in my life is actually a part of me..I just wish I could see a Vishkani tomorrow,..Have found a google Image of 'Vishukani'..Will put it as my Desktop..Hope I have a nice 'Cyber Vishu Kani' tomorrow
Happy Vishu!!

April 7, 2008

Just Another Dream

Did I miss you in the crowd?
the bright colors of happiness
making me blind,I stood there
but my hands moved to find you
I felt a cold touch on my heart
I shuddered in the darkness
Let me just feel the shadow
I know you are here right with me
listening to my words with a smile
Can I tell you rest of the incomplete story?
Can you hold my hands to help me walk up there?
I need a lifetime to tell all about I missed telling you
Dont let the sun wake me up today
to tell me this is just another dream!!