April 28, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Never can I say goodbye to those crimson walls
Every brick calling me back for a touch
living behind my heart in those corners
Hiding all those happy moments I had with them
Can they just echo my childhood ??
Those marks I made with my dirty hands
clinging on to them to share my woes
I did heard them promise to keep me with them
Smell of monsoon haunting me every moment
Why did you give me the strength to walk away?
All I could hear was them singing dirges
I don't want to strangle in those memories
My tears can never wash you away
let me live in that heaven for another lifetime


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Bhadra
Your poetry, as always tugs on a milliong strings.

Thomas said...

Nalla neela niramulla walline 'Crimson' ennu vilichal wallinu ishtapedilla ;)...
..."kaliyayi viralin thumbile dhooliye chumarinnalankaaramakki annu njan; vidhiyen mukilaay peythu theerave, alivaay janmamithonnu vere, kuliraay viriyaan nagnanethrangalai
pathiye njanithaa kathu nilkkunnu!"

#comment box kaanumbozhulla ee anuvachakante aaveshathe avivekamennu karuthi kshamikkanam :)