November 29, 2011

Pre Wedding Updates

Behind the creation of this blog,there was this small hidden agenda.It was sort of an escapism or rather a venting out my frustrations against my reluctance to enter a marriage or relationship.The reason that time was that I still was on look out for a ‘Prince Charming’ who would come in that white horse and be a saviour and shower me with lot of happiness.Almost four years after I started dreaming I am all set to take a ride on the horse with my handsome Prince.
I guess I feel a ‘Cold Feet’ now.We happen to be two individuals who were kinda bored of their regular routine and decided to find a friendship in a stranger who they considered as a backup life partner if they don't happen to find anybody worthy enough.Backups later turned to a necessity for future and decided to go ahead with a life long commitment.
This is the story of a geeky scientist and a story teller who happens to be in two deserts on extremities of earth.
Just hardly a month for our marriage,not knowing when we can start a life together on the same corner of earth,here we are on the verge of a so called turning point.
Both of us are quiet busy inviting our friends and doing our pre wedding shopping,little do we have planned our future but the two weeks we are going to be together.I wonder if changing ur marital status might affect my social circles or friendships.But it comes with a lot of responsibility to each other and our families.Its gonna be a rock climbing.Certain stations we take a break and breath and refresh and resume the climb.Hope the rocks are supportive,ropes are strong and we have a lot of fun together in reaching our destination.I hope to update my blog ‘From a Wife’s point of View’...

October 8, 2011

The 'Mallu' Accent

I spent 20 years in Mallu land and little did I know then that I would be ridiculed for my accent rest of my life.It was when I flew to US,I got the first slap on my face for my accent.Thankfully since all Americans think that most Indians have a common accent,I was saved from any kind of humiliation from them.It was the so called 'Indians' from other states who had a BIG issue with my accent.Initially It was very hard for me to understand what made my accent stand out from normal Indian accent,a lot of bullying and ridiculing by close friends and acquaintances made me realise I indeed had a "Mallu Accent".I consciously made an effort to distiguish 'Rose' & 'Ross',but alas I realised it was just in my blood.I comforted myself saying accent is not a big deal in life.
But the irony is that like there is an 'American' accent and 'British' accent,I too can make out where someone is from from his/her accent,But neither me or my fellow mallus I know make a fun of their accents.But whats the big deal with the Mallu accent alone?I belive an accent cant be a disturbance or a reason for irritation for anyone.Chineese,Koreans,name any region,they have their own way of talking English,But when a mallu like me utter a few words,its always a reason for humiliation.
After my tenure in US,when I shifted to 'Gelf' where its all about mallu,honestly I too wished at times there was a little less mallu people around here.90% of my colleagues are also mallus so luckily I never had an issue with my accent until this 'Bombay' raised south Indian came to my team.For the past few days I have been watching him deliberatly ridiculing certain words,When I tried to be polite and made him understand I do realise that I have a mallu accent,he just couldnt stop with it.Its a common trend seen these days.They just dont realise they too have a regional accent,but belives its just that Mallus who have an accent.
I am not someone who tries to adapt to forgein accent just coz I spent some years abroad.All I did was to bit slow down when I talked to those people there,When they could understand me well,whats with my fellow Indians.Its not about understanding a conversation,its just some other weird.I just wrote this as I was humiliated a lot for my accent.I just cant go back to my school to those lovely teachers for not correcting my accent..Is it really Important in Life??Speaking proper language matters,but I guess its all about a 'Non Mallu' accent that really matters to people.Indians are the most racists people I guess,we are divided based on the region and religion,even if we choose not to,such silly 'accents' make u feel that you are not an Indian but a 'Mallu'...C'mon people just grow up!
(I Hope there was nothing malluish in my writing...)

August 28, 2011

A Tooth Brush Cliche

I still have this huge fascination for 'buy one get one free'.Recently I stumbled upon a deal where I would get a toothbrush free with a toothbrush.Since I was looking for both,I jumped on the offer since it was also mentioned that the brush was some special 'all in one' tooth brush.Before going to bed that day,I decided to try this new brush.To my horror I kinda felt that the head of the brush was broken into two pieces inside my mouth.I took it out to examine if it was the problem with my new brush or my teeth which has been cursed with dental correction since childhood.To my amusement I found that this special brush had this rubber base which acts like a divider as if it is almost about to break into two pieces.I continued my brushing with this amusing brush and almost felt as if some weird piece of crap was hitting my gum and teeth.(I would want to write about the throw up I had after this.It is left to the imagination of the reader)
I am wondering where technology is rushing to.They are even making a simple tooth brush complex.I would be really happy with a standstill brush which I am used to since childhood.Maybe I am not tech savy or is reluctant to adapt myself with the latest technologies and gadget.But why would a tooth brush be so complex and weird?Is this part of tooth brush evolution?Alas I still use this new technology brush to make myself happy about the price I paid for the deal.I would definitively look for a brush which says 'Normal' next time.

NB: My teeth doesn't seem to be whitened as claimed in the cover of the tooth brush

August 15, 2011

Generation Gap..

When I was a kid,My grandpa used to tell me that he believed in Simple Living and High thinking.Little did I appreciate then about the philosophical outlook of his.But at a age we were madly demanding stuff from our parents and busy competing with peers on the value of the those tiny gadgets and stuffs which we carried to school,the sayings of great men never had a real impact.
Fortunately my mother never pampered me with the luxuries of life as she too believed that a good education and good values was what we would always carry with us.I still remember that for every new thing I demand,she used to keep an academic constrain.So only if I did well in exams,I used to get what I wanted.Though I never appreciated such practices.
But lately I feel that my bringing up has helped me appreciate non materialistic values much more than materialistic love.Not that I am someone who completely detest materialistic gifts.I am infact someone who loves getting gifts from others.But I would say our generation was much better off in appreciating the deed of a gift not the value of the gift.
I see around kids pampered by all sort of gifts and gadgets and their demanding nature is evolving into a strange gene of selfishness and greediness.Infact It is very difficult to satisfy kids these days.They judge people based on the brand value of gifts and the value of gifts.
Infact there is no innocence in them which make us adore them.The matured talks,the complex thinking doesnt make them kids.I sometimes look for the kid in them,but I fail to see them.Maturity beyond age in disastrous to an extend,But many parents are proud about it.Mebbe this is part of evolution..
The true joy of happiness and satisfaction is missing somewhere.
Mebbe I should evolve my outlook to understand and appreciate the new generation demands..But I always end up searching for my childhood memories in this complex web....

July 12, 2011

Treasure Hunt

Like many others,I too am eagerly looking forward for the answer of that Million or rather the Billion Doller Question. Who owns the 22 Billion $ found in the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerala.
I have been to that temple couple of times, have admired the architecture and the serenity of the temple, little did I know some years down the Line this would be a world famous after a Treasure Hunt. Kerala yet again proved that it is indeed ‘God’s own Country’.
The Temple which had hardly a dozen security personnel is now thronged by security, media and curious Public. The recent decision of Supreme Court not to open the last vault which is believed to have an equally valuable set of precious stones.Its indeed a very prudent decision made by the Chief Minister that the State is not going to Claim the Wealth. The Royal Head himself has made a statement that he or anybody in the family is going to claim it.In this era of selfishness and mad race for money, it should be well appreciated and acknowledged
There is this discussion about the wealth to be utilized for Public education, healthcare and general upliftment of people.Is it really practical to implement this in our corrupt political system.?Do you think this wealth is something that should be sold in the market and bid for?All these generations it has been safeguarded by the Royal family and one fine morning it should be used for Public Welfare.I am well aware about the poverty of our country, the needs of people. But I don’t think we have a false proof system to properly utilize this wealth.But then the question arises whether we should keep this wealth idle?Mebbe yes! Why not a Museum,so that the the present generation should know what India was before the Brisitsh looted us.Many of us have a psychological feeling India is a Poor nation and we have nothing much to be proud of.But some pleasant surprises proving our rich past is indeed a moral boost for the present generation to thrive ourselves back to that splendid era of Prosperity of our Nation.
Lets wait and see what would happen to this Treasure.Will it just vanish in the air?

July 7, 2011

A walk to Remember!

I moved my lips for that one word
the word that rolls back into time
I swallowed the warmth that rose
to set a fire in my soul
I see you in dreams everyday
wish I never woke up to feel the real
closing my eyes I freeze the timeline
walking back to make those thorns blunt
A caress to skip a heartbeat
crumbling in the wave of thoughts
I fear to embrace the blossoms of spring
knocking on my frozen door this..
snow weakening itself to the warmth of love
I close my eyes in fear to see the blossoms
moving my feet for a small step outside
wishing the doors shuts the past behind
Tickles of the petals and leaves made me smile
years of coldness washed away to bliss,,

June 21, 2011


I am proud of being a Woman.I enjoy and detest womanhood at the same time.I am not a Feminist,But once upon a time I believed I was.That was the time I belived most of the men are just hypocrites.In course of my maturity growth,I happened to find some important 'men' in my life which made me realise that it is absurd to categorize people good or bad based on their gender,When woman talk about their rights,their representation,their security,their growth,the message spread around is that woman are some sort of inferior beings fighting for their representation.But I totally cannot agree to this mad rush as I believe women who fights for equality with men lacks ambition.
I recently came across an interview with Shiney Ahuja's wife.I am not anyone to judge whether he was guilty or not.But like the mass public to an extend I too belived he might have been guilty.But now I feel that like many cases,the law might have been biased.Just because a girl claims,should we all belive he is Guilty?I believe that its high time we stop sympathizing and be prudent in judging a person or situation.Even in personal and professional circle,I have come across many who tries to threaten to defame fellow men just to get things done..
Well,on the other side we see those men who are like mad animals destroying innocent lives at their own convenience.Its disheartening to read about Child molestation and those cruel rapes.I wonder why I never hear women doing such crimes.Is it the biology?
Recently I came across an article where a man was caught 'raping' a dead woman?What is that we lack in our moral behaviour that people are making themselves Psychos?
May be it is this public image of man which is giving the Women an upperhand in many cases and situations.
But it is a fact that society is a mixture of sesible and few senseless people.Let be rational and think about the social happenings with an open mind.Let us be Prudent in any judgement we make.May be the judiciary can fail based on evidences,But not our conscience :)

March 1, 2011


Girls and Mood Swings!Quiet a debatable topic.Whenever I pick up a fight with my BF or be emotional,He asks me "Are you PMSing?".Well most of the times thats the truth.Sometimes we girls just cry for no reason,feels annoyed for no reason and even feels to be loved and cared for no reason.I might be pretty weak in biological reasoning to establish the correlation.But me and most of my girlfriends just blame it on 'Hormones'.
Its indeed a saviour to many of the silly things we do.I sometimes wonder if the guys ever blame their anger on their Hormones?Nope it is just about being a Male.They can afford to be the 'evil' self anytime,and is actually being respected by all.Well I might be sounding a bit Feminist by saying this.But the truth is Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus!
Being a typical cancerian,I hate to admit that I kinda keep a track on all dates."Anniversaries,Birthdays,first day of this and that,6 month anniversary-10 month anniversary what not.Unfortunately my boyfriend has a very poor memory and sometimes even forgets his own birthday!Initialy I thought I would keep bugging him and make him remember all those silly dates.For this I tried an emotional blackmailing tactics and the poor thing decided to mug up the long list of dates.But alas ,the end result was quiet funny.Those days when he calls me and I am in cranky Mood,He asks "Shit!Is it our anniversary today? "(even if its just one month after our real one ).So I gave up the task and decided on setting up a reminder system so that he is reminded of all the dates in advance so that neither I feel sad that he forgot the day and I might even get a gift ..:P
I am sure most of the girls could relate to this,But then I feel this difference is the true essence in the relationship.We compliment each other.I like being the opposites,there is always a sense of attraction to each other..Its indeed an excellent modeling God has made.Emotional differences between males and females.The irony is that though every single one of us is different from each other,emotionaly its very easy to classify based on gender!

February 26, 2011

A Doll

I chased you all my life
you kept running away
I wonder if you are my own shadow?
faster I run,faster you get away from me
do you know my little dream I hid under my pillow?
clutching the invisible teddy I faced all the demons
Still you came to me to set my dreams on fire
I wonder why I am punished throught my dream?
Will I ever wake up from this nightmare?
I wonder why I carry all the sins I never did
I wish just for a day of a fairy tale dream
that will wash away those dark shadows
I will cry aloud to announce my freedom
Will my dream ever come true?

February 25, 2011

Home Maker!

Recently I moved to a new place as a paying guest with a 5 member family.A father,Mother,a 6 year old,a 3 year old and a one year old and a maid.I have been amazed at times how the mother of the three children looks after the whole family in-spite of working as a full time executive.I have never seen her sit idle.She gets up (which I assume as I am not awake so early in the morning) at 5 and prepares breakfast and lunch for her husband.When I wake up,I see her cleaning the kitchen and sipping a tea and ready for the next task.Maid is still peacefully sleeping as her work time starts only after the Mother leaves for office.The lady now wakes up her elder son,which again is a difficult task and make him ready for the school.At times I see all three kids awake at the same time and the house is is echoing in the cranky morning songs.When one needs milk,other demands chocolate and it truly amazing to watch the lady deal with all the three kids and satisfy their needs.After sending the elder one to school ,she drops the 3 year old to play school on her way to work.
I see her come back from work really tired and before even she could even sit in a sofa,the complaints and demands starts.She then moves to kitchen to prepare dinner for the whole family and cleans the whole chaotic apartment.Then her next role as a tutor starts.Its time for looking after the homeworks of the kids.She now turns into a teacher.Its indeed a patience tester,to teach a kid when the other two are playing in the same room.After the hard fight,she waits for husband to return and gives him dinner and put the children to sleep with their bed time stories.The clock now ticks 11..I am sure she gets up in between the sleep everytime when they cough or cry in their sleep.Somedays I wonder if she ever gets to sleep when the kids are sick.
That ends her day.The so called father of the three children has just one role..A working Dad.
I am amazed that most of the ladies like her are taking so many roles in life.I really admire her.I feel so proud of the working mothers.I now wonder how frustrated my mother must have felt when I used to demand stuff when she gets back from work.
Its a special gift for females.They are indeed the best managers in the world.The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world indeed.I salute all those ladies out there .. :)

February 6, 2011

Bricks on my wall!

Just realised its been a while I scribbled in my space.Feels like I have so much to write,but some unknown element of deceit is crippling my words.May be what I am gonna scribble down is disoriented,but perfectly makes sense if you can read with a skewed outlook :)
Random Thought#1
Recently somebody told me that the reason for all my worries are because of my desires.Quiet possible!It is impossible for me to detach the 'Desires' from me as it has become an essential stimulus for moving ahead in life.Desires can be compromised to an extend to match our conveniences. Ironically I have noticed that most of my desires were either compromised or scraped off for the conveniences of others than for my own convenience.
Some say you have to turn into spirituality to get rid of your desires.But is it Human to have simple desires?
Random thought #2
Money is factor which we assume can over ride emotions, obstacles and even our fate.But do we get time to step back and think about those minds we are hurting on our way.The best excuse we can say is ‘It was unintentional’. Coming to think about it every one is selfish in our own way. Sometimes I wonder if there is someone who can love us unconditionally?
Random Thought # 3
Most of us realize at some point or the other that life is indeed unpredictable. Though we have ambitions, aspirations and well defined plans about future, we fail to realize at times that everything we have planned is indeed out of our control. In the resonance there might be a frequency that is gonna tear apart everything you have planned.
Random Thought # 4
I thought time is a good healer.Now that I am in a comfort zone with a bunch of new relationships,more people to love me,I realised I miss my Amma more and more.Now I realise I never made her special and told her how much I really loved her.For those who are blessed with their parents,Please take a moment to realise how blessed you are and make them feel special at times.. :)