March 1, 2011


Girls and Mood Swings!Quiet a debatable topic.Whenever I pick up a fight with my BF or be emotional,He asks me "Are you PMSing?".Well most of the times thats the truth.Sometimes we girls just cry for no reason,feels annoyed for no reason and even feels to be loved and cared for no reason.I might be pretty weak in biological reasoning to establish the correlation.But me and most of my girlfriends just blame it on 'Hormones'.
Its indeed a saviour to many of the silly things we do.I sometimes wonder if the guys ever blame their anger on their Hormones?Nope it is just about being a Male.They can afford to be the 'evil' self anytime,and is actually being respected by all.Well I might be sounding a bit Feminist by saying this.But the truth is Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus!
Being a typical cancerian,I hate to admit that I kinda keep a track on all dates."Anniversaries,Birthdays,first day of this and that,6 month anniversary-10 month anniversary what not.Unfortunately my boyfriend has a very poor memory and sometimes even forgets his own birthday!Initialy I thought I would keep bugging him and make him remember all those silly dates.For this I tried an emotional blackmailing tactics and the poor thing decided to mug up the long list of dates.But alas ,the end result was quiet funny.Those days when he calls me and I am in cranky Mood,He asks "Shit!Is it our anniversary today? "(even if its just one month after our real one ).So I gave up the task and decided on setting up a reminder system so that he is reminded of all the dates in advance so that neither I feel sad that he forgot the day and I might even get a gift ..:P
I am sure most of the girls could relate to this,But then I feel this difference is the true essence in the relationship.We compliment each other.I like being the opposites,there is always a sense of attraction to each other..Its indeed an excellent modeling God has made.Emotional differences between males and females.The irony is that though every single one of us is different from each other,emotionaly its very easy to classify based on gender!