December 30, 2007

A Way Back

I clapped my hands to the rhythm of the song
Clouds moving part to shower the moonlight
My eyes just looked upon the stars
I could see them all shining for me
Sparkles and glitters all around
Hugging the love of first snow
I stepped out to feel the new season
Dead leaves fallen all around
I picked a few to read a few fate lines
it crumbled on my shivering hands
I looked back to see those dark roads I travelled
it gleamed in the whiteness of the fresh snow
I see a small reason on every shining flake
blossoms on my way it said
freezing the moments of innocent hope
A home of warmth and love waiting
pulling me away from an idle moment
prayers helping my way there.
Here I am in the ocean of joy
coming back to a dream I forgot
A bliss;a heavenly one!!

December 15, 2007

Destiny Drive

When your fingers move,
To gather your vaccum goals
Incessant howls bothering your way
Obsolete memories trashing upon
Crippled dreams have set me still
Entangling my views to retrace,
When they flick out of your days past,
Hiding your missions to fathom it.
I can feel caress of the zenith
My self lost among the probes,
Condemning your doings as sins
Haunting you all the way back to sanity
Words of unknown seasons have melted
your efforts sweating away as water
nothing to submit to u my lord
making me weak in my passions
scabs have made my story incomplete
halos smoothing it out like opal
aching memories are bringing a smile
washing away my woes with your words

December 13, 2007

A Walk to rememeber

It was drizzling.Chilly weather.I pressed my fingers hard on the Hot Chocolate cup!!My other hand was buried in my jacket..The song in my Ipod changed from 'Evanescence' to 'Coming back to Life'.I waited for the signal.Didn't want to lift my head and look up,as it was really cold.The song brought back some memories into my mind.Felt kinda warm.Wish I could sing along with Roy Harper.loud enough to make sure I vent out my agonies with which I started this semester and with which I am still walking back home though I am officially done for Fall 2007.Like any any other grad I had a hell lot of dreams about assistant ships and funding.My favorite pass time of keeping a track of what I don't have in my hand.I just smiled, took a sip and a deep breath and just looked up to the signal lights..It was still RED..I smiled again at me,my weird worries,silly thoughts..It was all red around because it was Christmas time.Wonder why the Americans start the celebration so early.The whole place is lit to make you feel that there is happiness all around you,at every nook and corner.Those bright lights from the xmas trees and all the bouquets seems to tell me something.
Signal Changed.I resumed my walk trying hard to lift my head to see it..
Song Changed again..'iris'..
I need an inspiration.I thought.May be from nobody else but from myself..Start the celebration of life earlier.There is a long way to go.You know there is a xmas day.Every year there is.But I wont wait for the Christmas day..Let me celebrate it from this moment.My dreams and inspirations.The Philosophy of objectivism is to be embraced when nobody expects you to do it..You,yourself and me!!!Thats the tag..Like Hugh Grant sung in Music and Lyrics
I have been living with a cloud above my head
I need inspiration not another negotiation
Thanks to that signal point..
I reached my destination. Apt 311.Took the keys out.opened the doors to see the celebration which you deserve more than anybody on earth..I deserve the best??Yes I do...
Threw the plastic cup in the trash..Maybe a lot more.It just needs a second..:)