December 15, 2007

Destiny Drive

When your fingers move,
To gather your vaccum goals
Incessant howls bothering your way
Obsolete memories trashing upon
Crippled dreams have set me still
Entangling my views to retrace,
When they flick out of your days past,
Hiding your missions to fathom it.
I can feel caress of the zenith
My self lost among the probes,
Condemning your doings as sins
Haunting you all the way back to sanity
Words of unknown seasons have melted
your efforts sweating away as water
nothing to submit to u my lord
making me weak in my passions
scabs have made my story incomplete
halos smoothing it out like opal
aching memories are bringing a smile
washing away my woes with your words


Anonymous said...

Your writing is truly beautiful.

Bhadra said...

@anonymous..thanks for a prompt would have been nice if u can leave your name

Anonymous said...

lalalla triffa lalalla

toonbird said...

nannayirikkunnu bhadre...

704 Gaytha said...

I craved to find the truth,
and truth raced ahead.
I fought with reality,
and reality hit me hard.
I let myself go, and
Behold, I found myself.

Matt said...

Mystic arts and magic things,
They pull me around like puppet strings.
I never ask why, I just follow along.
I’m completely caught up in the beautiful song.
I do as I’m told like nothing else matters.
With a flick of her wrist my whole world shatters.

Rohit said...
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