November 30, 2008

Notes on /of Sarcasm 4

Writing some nonsense philosophies late night do invite some troubles.I was on a transient state while writing the previous post. Didn't even think twice before I pressed the 'Publish post' button.But today morning I am in a hyper mood.Thanks to the post and those emails I got yesterday night.I would love to publish the gist of the emails here.It is indeed funny!
A Classmate:Girl,are you ok? Did u start drinking?(Saturday night syndromes)
Friend :I wont comment for this post.It just made me :(
Friend :Oh please enough of this crap!Please start your 'love philosophies' again
Friend :Please come back to India dear.We will look for jobs here.
Friend :Not again!As usual grammatical mistakes.Why don't u read twice before u publish something.Your sentences are unstructured
Cousin :I showed this post to Amma.She asked you to stop blogging and stop worrying.
Aunty :Mole,Stop worrying!Everything will be alright.We have resumed the hunt in 'Bharat matrimony'

Well for those who havent emailed me!I am eagerly waiting!These emails just made my day!

Just for me!

November 23!Well Astrologer was absolutely right!It was a turning point.A day which gave a good foundation to my pessimistic outlook towards the so called journey'life'.
Being philosophical about life doesn't help you to escape away from the truths of life.I am a typical cancer who is over emotional and touchy but at the same time intuitive and imaginative.I have a dream world deep inside me where I am a that little girl who wants all the stories to end in 'Happily Ever after'.But unfortunately I could never tag it to any part of to my life.
All most all of us have a worry.We frame our worries and anxieties so big that we ourselves make it impossible for us to concede the depth of it.Somehow planning never works for me.I have this strong faith or may be the lack of it, that things will definitely go wrong with me.Inspite of all those people who loves me giving me the strength to look forward for that hidden happiness which has been deliberately evading me for so long,somehow my mind never lets me optimistic.I put my chin up and walk forward expecting an obstacle not the hidden treasure.But belive me it does help me out to face everything that comes by.
Couple of weeks back,I had a verbal offer from one of the top companies in my field.Though I had every reason to be excited,I knew I couldn't be so lucky.I tried to keep it within me without letting my smile curl up.Finally I did get a call from them informing me about their' Hire Freeze' decision.
I felt like running away from this truth.I couldn't bring that 'strong' self of mine.Like the little girl who had to go to bed without hearing fer favorite line,I felt so incomplete and confused.
Recession is not my mistake!Hire Freeze is not my mistake!I would be criticized if I say my decision to take MS was a mistake!
All that I know now is ,there are things out of your control.Its easy to tell others or give them an assurance that things are gonna be alright.But do we all mean it when we say it?
The 195 innocent souls who were brutally murdered this week,what was their mistake?We don't know.We can never even put ourselves in the shoes of their dear ones.Sometimes its better to just smile at this so called 'fate'.'Uncertainty' is the keyword.When we live we should try to live our life to fullest.But for people like me its a difficult task because I always look for a fall not a rise!But I sincerely hope if ever there is something called an 'ultimate' power,Please prove me wrong!I want to be wrong about my faith this time.

November 3, 2008


Well Its been a long time I scribbled something in this space.My blog looks so dull and 'not happening'.It truly reflects my present state.One more month for graduation.I'll have a masters degree in my hand!!Whoop!
Have a lot of dreams and expectations from the month 'November'.As per some astrologer 'Nov 23' 2008 is a turning point in my life.I wish it turns forward not backward!!Hope I could make my trip to India in December.My next post will be here as soon as I am officially 'employed'