November 3, 2008


Well Its been a long time I scribbled something in this space.My blog looks so dull and 'not happening'.It truly reflects my present state.One more month for graduation.I'll have a masters degree in my hand!!Whoop!
Have a lot of dreams and expectations from the month 'November'.As per some astrologer 'Nov 23' 2008 is a turning point in my life.I wish it turns forward not backward!!Hope I could make my trip to India in December.My next post will be here as soon as I am officially 'employed'



bkrish said...

hmmm nov 23....enthanavo annu sambavikan pokunathu....:P

mayachechi said...

wish you good luck dear!

Horatio said...

wow !!!!

thats too near

congrats! hope to meet u.

Niranjan said...

So did the point really turn on November 23rd :-) ? Good luck with your graduation!