November 30, 2008

Notes on /of Sarcasm 4

Writing some nonsense philosophies late night do invite some troubles.I was on a transient state while writing the previous post. Didn't even think twice before I pressed the 'Publish post' button.But today morning I am in a hyper mood.Thanks to the post and those emails I got yesterday night.I would love to publish the gist of the emails here.It is indeed funny!
A Classmate:Girl,are you ok? Did u start drinking?(Saturday night syndromes)
Friend :I wont comment for this post.It just made me :(
Friend :Oh please enough of this crap!Please start your 'love philosophies' again
Friend :Please come back to India dear.We will look for jobs here.
Friend :Not again!As usual grammatical mistakes.Why don't u read twice before u publish something.Your sentences are unstructured
Cousin :I showed this post to Amma.She asked you to stop blogging and stop worrying.
Aunty :Mole,Stop worrying!Everything will be alright.We have resumed the hunt in 'Bharat matrimony'

Well for those who havent emailed me!I am eagerly waiting!These emails just made my day!

1 comment:

Big Bro. said...

my silly dumb sis... grammar mistake is one thing, sustained pessimism is another,..but the most striking thing is the sheer volume of response you receive. People just love you... well, the sun and moon may be still black :P