January 29, 2009

Is there anybody out there?

Paranormal stories and research always interest me.'Ghost Hunters' used to be one of my favourite shows.I really enjoyed collecting info about local and global  paranormal stories and scaring my friends.But some how today I felt like reading more about it and wants to hear what everybody thinks about the existence of 'Ghosts'.I haven't had any personal experiences so far.But somehow feel that there should be 5 th Dimension.
There was this 'Garden Ghost aunty' in our campus.One of our colony resident  burnt herself at her house.Nobody still knows why she did that.This aunty had a huge and beautiful garden at her house.After her death her neighbours decided to split the plants among themselves.Within a week,there was this 'rumour' that whoever tried to water those plants felt somebody holding the 'Hose'..I still remember me visiting their houses to see those people who were sick for several days because of such a weird experience.I was thankful that my mom did volunteer to keep some plants at our house :P
Well everybody might have some story to tell..But then..'Do Ghosts Exist'??

January 24, 2009

Curious Case of BN

I am feeling very homesick today.Tried to flip through the old pictures,old memories and even listened to the songs I used to hear at home.Tried to talk about my home,my routines,my school  and what not.But then at some point I just couldnt talk more,felt like I forgot the dream I had yesterday.I know I can never get those days back.
"What would you like to do now"-This was an innocuous question my friend asked me over a chat today.Though he was expecting me to say'Lets playscrabble in facebook'  I had a different answer and it was ...
I wanna go to SM Street in Calicut with my friends.Get down near Manchira sqaure and walk in the crowd and get inside the triveni store.On my way, I want to pray in front of the Hanuman Kovil for a minute and rush to the store and see the latest school items.Checking the list in my pocket I want to head to TBS and get a few books and stationaries.Head back to Koyenco Bazar and have a Sharjah from the corner shop.Window shop the latest salwars and 'gulp' at those price tags.Get an to Mezban with an anxiety.Sit in our favourite table and start the usual gossip sessions ordering fish fingers and kababs followed by the Kadai Biriyani.Spil the coke bottle like I always do.Burp-Time to walk to the Baskin Robbins.Walking in the dust and rush near BMH I wanna look around and comment on those couples from our college who have come to the city to hang out.Get an auto back from BMH to the Palayam stand I wanna hear the drivers and Kilis shouting 'Mukkam -REC..Mukkam REC'
Step into those flamboyant private buses and get hold of the 3 seater next to the driver.Open my purse and give Rs 12..Fasten those invisible belts for the roller coaster ride
Close my eyes and 'Lift shadows off a Day' till I see the hoard 'NIT Calicut'
I miss Calicut!I miss my Home!

January 12, 2009

Dreams on Fire

The song 'Dreams on Fire' has been haunting me for the past few days.It was a Deja Vu.I felt it was me who was singing it aloud.I sang  several times.Felt as if I could vent out those dark complexes, I had within.I couldnt correlate the lyrics and my conscience. I felt good.It might sound a little insane,but I belive there are a lot of things you can do for yourself,to help yourself and know you better.This might sound contradictory to the lyrics of the song which emphasize the love for someone else.I just hope I can have an empty mind to sing this song again,not to vent out the dirt,but to feel the beauty of the words.

You are my waking dream 
You're all thats real to me 
You are the magic in the world i see 
You are in the prayer i saying 
You are in my two my names 
You are the faith that make me belive 
Dreams on fire 
Higher n higher 
Pasion burning 
Ride on the path 
Once for forever yours 
In me 
All your heart 
Dreams on fire 
Higher n higher 
You are my ocean rage 
You are my thought each day 
you are the laughter from childhood games 
You are things further down 
You are where i belong 
You are make me feel in every songs 
Dreams on fire 
Higher n higher 
Pasion burning 
Ride on the path 
Once for forever yours 
In me 
All your heart 
Dreams on fire 
Higher n higher

Congrats to AR Rehman for the Golden Globe.I was so excited after watching Golden Globe.Felt like someobody in my Family got those awards.The Music of the movie did leave an impact.Rock On. :)

January 3, 2009

Fairy Tale

2009!I feel very old,tired and exhausted.Feel like sitting in rocking chair and narrating a long story to my grandkids.But then I realise I am still a grand'kid' not a grand'ma'.A listener to some great anonymous story teller.I still have a very long way to go,cannot afford to take a break at this stage.But what excites me is the fact that if I keep walking,there is a 'tinny tiny'(Courtesy to my 3 year old cousin) hope that my story might end in 'Happily ever after'.
I couldn't come up with a new year resolution.I forget my new year resolutions within a week or so,But it was always fun to have one on new year.The most popular new year resolution was to get up before 6:30 every morning.My amma used to promise me with tempting gifts if I hold on to this resolution for atleast a month.But somehow I couldnt get up before 7:30 even if I had a board exam at 8:30.
Does a wish really make a difference?I checked my 2009 forecasts on the new year day itself.Very interesting predictions.I am thinking of starting a 'astrology' column in my blog.On  a lighter note it will be good idea to have a astrology,matrimonial and relationship consulting!I am sure to Rock ;).After all my degree is in Construction management,would definitely have some 'Constructive' management skills :P
Happy New Year!
Happy Birthday.I miss u a lot :)
This is some addition to my previous post :D
Consulting Business.
Step 1 
If you still have time watch this