January 31, 2012

Rat Race

I still remember the 'Mourning' we had at home when my entrance result came out.My amma was expecting her daughter to get hold of a two digit rank,but unfortunately she ended up in a 3 digit rank.A rank less than 500 was considered to be above average for most except for some academicians who eat sleep and live 'Engineering'.Being a daughter of a Professor of a reputed Institute was indeed taxing.Though my amma used to talk about non engineering careers,I am pretty sure she wouldnt have been happy if her daughter had chosen another profession.Succumbing to my deep attachment to my amma and my home,I decided to chose a branch which was considered not so 'attractive' in one of the premier Institutes of the country when i had the option of getting a circuit branch in the best state engineering college.I dont know if I took a bad decision at 18 years of age seeing the hype of college ranking and brand value.But it seemed to be a bad decision on monetory terms when you are one of the top rankers but you dont get high paying jobs like the other circuit branches.I was quiet disapointed when I see the entire strength in so called circuit branches sweeped by MNC offering hefty packages which you cant dream in your branch(I guess I should admit that the non attractive branch is Civil Engineering)
After deciding to do my masters in a reputed University abroad I didnt have much luck with a job,Thanks to Recession of 2008.Inspite of many advising me to take up a job in IT,I was not ready to leave my 6 years of education.Finally I ended up in a corner of the earht where the 'not so attractive branch' is the most attractive branch.I see circuit branch people struggling to find a decent job in Middle East.But then it puts me to thought.Doest all the rat race in the entrance really matter in life?Mebbe taking up a circuit branch would have been a better decision.It might be a idiotic conclusion.But one sure bet for those who do not have an aversion for IT can easily get a IT from any college,join a MNC see the world in somebody else's expense.
But if we had a little more discretion about the what to chose as a career,I would have been happily blaming myself for the career path.But then back then it was the peer pressure.I am sure atleast the present generation should be free from the entrance mad race.Be what you will be Proud of.Choose a profession which is equivalent to your passion.I hope when I become a parent I dont get carried away by the social trends..After almost 10 years of writing entrance I feel that the tension,the stress and the pressure was all for some kind of a oasis which kept moving away from you..There was a hope in our young minds that once you clear the 'Entrance' you can live happily ever after.But then it is just an 'EXIT' from all the secured and tension free life under your parents.The real Rat race is yet to begin.