December 30, 2007

A Way Back

I clapped my hands to the rhythm of the song
Clouds moving part to shower the moonlight
My eyes just looked upon the stars
I could see them all shining for me
Sparkles and glitters all around
Hugging the love of first snow
I stepped out to feel the new season
Dead leaves fallen all around
I picked a few to read a few fate lines
it crumbled on my shivering hands
I looked back to see those dark roads I travelled
it gleamed in the whiteness of the fresh snow
I see a small reason on every shining flake
blossoms on my way it said
freezing the moments of innocent hope
A home of warmth and love waiting
pulling me away from an idle moment
prayers helping my way there.
Here I am in the ocean of joy
coming back to a dream I forgot
A bliss;a heavenly one!!


Rohit said...

good one but u forget the subject sometimes...agree in number and verb with the subject...
nice poem

Ajith said...

Now, write more in this mood :) .. U can write cheerful poems too :)