August 15, 2011

Generation Gap..

When I was a kid,My grandpa used to tell me that he believed in Simple Living and High thinking.Little did I appreciate then about the philosophical outlook of his.But at a age we were madly demanding stuff from our parents and busy competing with peers on the value of the those tiny gadgets and stuffs which we carried to school,the sayings of great men never had a real impact.
Fortunately my mother never pampered me with the luxuries of life as she too believed that a good education and good values was what we would always carry with us.I still remember that for every new thing I demand,she used to keep an academic constrain.So only if I did well in exams,I used to get what I wanted.Though I never appreciated such practices.
But lately I feel that my bringing up has helped me appreciate non materialistic values much more than materialistic love.Not that I am someone who completely detest materialistic gifts.I am infact someone who loves getting gifts from others.But I would say our generation was much better off in appreciating the deed of a gift not the value of the gift.
I see around kids pampered by all sort of gifts and gadgets and their demanding nature is evolving into a strange gene of selfishness and greediness.Infact It is very difficult to satisfy kids these days.They judge people based on the brand value of gifts and the value of gifts.
Infact there is no innocence in them which make us adore them.The matured talks,the complex thinking doesnt make them kids.I sometimes look for the kid in them,but I fail to see them.Maturity beyond age in disastrous to an extend,But many parents are proud about it.Mebbe this is part of evolution..
The true joy of happiness and satisfaction is missing somewhere.
Mebbe I should evolve my outlook to understand and appreciate the new generation demands..But I always end up searching for my childhood memories in this complex web....

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Balu Krishnan said...

The maturity you see in kids is evolutionary, but the evolution is not natural however human made. With rise of information networks, stuff like this is bound to happen. Its like you getting a cell phone when you were doing your undergrad while your mother first saw telephone when started her undergrad. Accessability to information is more for new age kids, they will outsmart us soon.