August 28, 2011

A Tooth Brush Cliche

I still have this huge fascination for 'buy one get one free'.Recently I stumbled upon a deal where I would get a toothbrush free with a toothbrush.Since I was looking for both,I jumped on the offer since it was also mentioned that the brush was some special 'all in one' tooth brush.Before going to bed that day,I decided to try this new brush.To my horror I kinda felt that the head of the brush was broken into two pieces inside my mouth.I took it out to examine if it was the problem with my new brush or my teeth which has been cursed with dental correction since childhood.To my amusement I found that this special brush had this rubber base which acts like a divider as if it is almost about to break into two pieces.I continued my brushing with this amusing brush and almost felt as if some weird piece of crap was hitting my gum and teeth.(I would want to write about the throw up I had after this.It is left to the imagination of the reader)
I am wondering where technology is rushing to.They are even making a simple tooth brush complex.I would be really happy with a standstill brush which I am used to since childhood.Maybe I am not tech savy or is reluctant to adapt myself with the latest technologies and gadget.But why would a tooth brush be so complex and weird?Is this part of tooth brush evolution?Alas I still use this new technology brush to make myself happy about the price I paid for the deal.I would definitively look for a brush which says 'Normal' next time.

NB: My teeth doesn't seem to be whitened as claimed in the cover of the tooth brush

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