July 12, 2011

Treasure Hunt

Like many others,I too am eagerly looking forward for the answer of that Million or rather the Billion Doller Question. Who owns the 22 Billion $ found in the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerala.
I have been to that temple couple of times, have admired the architecture and the serenity of the temple, little did I know some years down the Line this would be a world famous after a Treasure Hunt. Kerala yet again proved that it is indeed ‘God’s own Country’.
The Temple which had hardly a dozen security personnel is now thronged by security, media and curious Public. The recent decision of Supreme Court not to open the last vault which is believed to have an equally valuable set of precious stones.Its indeed a very prudent decision made by the Chief Minister that the State is not going to Claim the Wealth. The Royal Head himself has made a statement that he or anybody in the family is going to claim it.In this era of selfishness and mad race for money, it should be well appreciated and acknowledged
There is this discussion about the wealth to be utilized for Public education, healthcare and general upliftment of people.Is it really practical to implement this in our corrupt political system.?Do you think this wealth is something that should be sold in the market and bid for?All these generations it has been safeguarded by the Royal family and one fine morning it should be used for Public Welfare.I am well aware about the poverty of our country, the needs of people. But I don’t think we have a false proof system to properly utilize this wealth.But then the question arises whether we should keep this wealth idle?Mebbe yes! Why not a Museum,so that the the present generation should know what India was before the Brisitsh looted us.Many of us have a psychological feeling India is a Poor nation and we have nothing much to be proud of.But some pleasant surprises proving our rich past is indeed a moral boost for the present generation to thrive ourselves back to that splendid era of Prosperity of our Nation.
Lets wait and see what would happen to this Treasure.Will it just vanish in the air?

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