February 6, 2011

Bricks on my wall!

Just realised its been a while I scribbled in my space.Feels like I have so much to write,but some unknown element of deceit is crippling my words.May be what I am gonna scribble down is disoriented,but perfectly makes sense if you can read with a skewed outlook :)
Random Thought#1
Recently somebody told me that the reason for all my worries are because of my desires.Quiet possible!It is impossible for me to detach the 'Desires' from me as it has become an essential stimulus for moving ahead in life.Desires can be compromised to an extend to match our conveniences. Ironically I have noticed that most of my desires were either compromised or scraped off for the conveniences of others than for my own convenience.
Some say you have to turn into spirituality to get rid of your desires.But is it Human to have simple desires?
Random thought #2
Money is factor which we assume can over ride emotions, obstacles and even our fate.But do we get time to step back and think about those minds we are hurting on our way.The best excuse we can say is ‘It was unintentional’. Coming to think about it every one is selfish in our own way. Sometimes I wonder if there is someone who can love us unconditionally?
Random Thought # 3
Most of us realize at some point or the other that life is indeed unpredictable. Though we have ambitions, aspirations and well defined plans about future, we fail to realize at times that everything we have planned is indeed out of our control. In the resonance there might be a frequency that is gonna tear apart everything you have planned.
Random Thought # 4
I thought time is a good healer.Now that I am in a comfort zone with a bunch of new relationships,more people to love me,I realised I miss my Amma more and more.Now I realise I never made her special and told her how much I really loved her.For those who are blessed with their parents,Please take a moment to realise how blessed you are and make them feel special at times.. :)


monty said...

hey..i was just here yesterday and now the blog looks all different...i like your freestyle writing...i am blogrolling you...drop in sometime...:)

Raj Kishore said...

About RT#1: Worries are caused by desires, Disappointments are caused by expectations.