December 16, 2010

But it Rained....

It just rained outside.I never used to fanatsize rain earlier,Infact I always wonder how could some people could write and talk so much about rain.I always tagged rain with an inconvenience factor.Today I ran outside my room to watch room.Strange how one year in a desert made me love such a beautiful natural phenomenon which I always ignored in my life.This is true for almost everything in our life.We take most of the things we have for granted.We might take time to appreciate stuff others have,but we fail to recognize and appreciate stuff we have with ourselves.Most if us take our parents for granted.We keep demanding for stuff or rather at some point in your life you must have thought wish they were never there to control you. The previous statement has a variant assertiveness at different stages.So it might be a little difficult to initially accept this very statement.But when they cease to exist we feel totaly handicapped even if we are self sufficient.At some point or the other, their existence cannot be replaced by anybody else atleast in our Indian way of living.
Likewise in our mad rush for achieving all that we dreamt,we fail to take a moment to appreciate those people around us who is actually the foundation for all our growth,mebbe its your partner,mebbe its ur guide,mebbe its parents,I guess atleast once should we take a little time to appreciate those wonderful bricks holding us together..

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Abhi said...

Hey stumbled upon this blog. Nice writeup , yea sometimes we take things for granted and dont realize how precious things are till we don't have it.