November 29, 2011

Pre Wedding Updates

Behind the creation of this blog,there was this small hidden agenda.It was sort of an escapism or rather a venting out my frustrations against my reluctance to enter a marriage or relationship.The reason that time was that I still was on look out for a ‘Prince Charming’ who would come in that white horse and be a saviour and shower me with lot of happiness.Almost four years after I started dreaming I am all set to take a ride on the horse with my handsome Prince.
I guess I feel a ‘Cold Feet’ now.We happen to be two individuals who were kinda bored of their regular routine and decided to find a friendship in a stranger who they considered as a backup life partner if they don't happen to find anybody worthy enough.Backups later turned to a necessity for future and decided to go ahead with a life long commitment.
This is the story of a geeky scientist and a story teller who happens to be in two deserts on extremities of earth.
Just hardly a month for our marriage,not knowing when we can start a life together on the same corner of earth,here we are on the verge of a so called turning point.
Both of us are quiet busy inviting our friends and doing our pre wedding shopping,little do we have planned our future but the two weeks we are going to be together.I wonder if changing ur marital status might affect my social circles or friendships.But it comes with a lot of responsibility to each other and our families.Its gonna be a rock climbing.Certain stations we take a break and breath and refresh and resume the climb.Hope the rocks are supportive,ropes are strong and we have a lot of fun together in reaching our destination.I hope to update my blog ‘From a Wife’s point of View’...