May 5, 2008

Fear of the Dark

There are moments or rather instances which puts you in a mood to look within!!I was trying to figure out what is 'ME'.This might sound a little stupid,but then like somebody asked me 'What is the purpose of Blogging' the answer is just again a thought!!
The insecure feeling in me comes out as over posessiveness or rather a very quick decison of 'keeping a distance'.Its difficult to keep up to the expectations of everyone and swinging between the two extreme thoughts is the worst torture.At a point you feel that you donthave anybody to count on and the very next moment you realise the strangling love and care that would make you feel guilty!Am I worth all this?Can I keep up all their hopes and expectations?I really dont know!!But why is that when i just turn back I dont see anybody.Why is that inspite of all assurances I feel that I am standing alone.Am I scared to hold the hands for the fear of losing it on my way!!All I know is I dont want to lose anything more!!I fear to posess anything!
Like a small child hiding her barbie doll under the bed before she sleeps,I wish I could hide all the care and love others give me!!


Anonymous said...


We came alone, we die alone. If you realise that you don't posses anything, you won't fear losing. So work with the present and hold those hands :-) with that attitude.

Those who fear loneliness, basically can't stand being with themselves (if you think about it) :-)

The joy others give you is to be respected, not expected. So, don't expect it to be your safety net (when you look behind..)

- A leecher on this blog

PS: You write well.

Horatio said...

Sounds more like
I was too afraid to fly that i never did land -- Train

thought provoking!

Bhadra Nair said...

Thank you for such a thoughtful comment,as I see u r from TAMU,we should defintly meet for more pep talks ..;)
Yes..quite Similiar