December 18, 2008

Trial of words

Holding hands of those shadows beside me
I stood there frozen to feel the dream
Did you tell me I could feel the warmth?
Or did the shadows just echoed my past?
The space and time crumbling in myself
I could see you in that crackled mirror
Walking to you with those dark eyes in pain
I smiled to those stars that showed me my way
Deep steps might leave a mark for you
to make you regret on the blood that it shed
crippled faith wont let me surrender to you
my silent scream would reach you soon
to wake you up from the dream you showed me.

I believe behind every sorrow there is an expectation.To feel true happiness or content we have to get rid of all expectations we have in others,society and future.But I dont think anyone of us could have the leisure of not having any expectations.If you claim you dont,I bet you are the biggest hypocrit.I personaly have seen a lot of people who claim to be really strong struggling to establish their strength or emphasize that in their deeds.But the truth is its all about how well you hide your weakness.Strength is that virtue which people develop to hold on to  satisy their ego ....Cliche?


Ajith said...

Without expectations, life is pretty dry :) .. Strength is not just about the ego/hiding weakness..Its at times all about one's level of confidence in certain matters...It might aid in building up an ego inadvertently ..That I admit :-)

rakuboy said...

hey.. u wrote one.. just as u said u wud.. good one...

Admiral Fagin said...

Indifference could be a key word here, may be that is the permanent solution. Having said that, I don't believe in that solution because happiness and sorrow are the two sides of the same coin which do not have independent existence. So by the same virtue that one say "I want to be happy" we can infer that sorrow is inevitable.