October 31, 2007

The Guitar Lessons

I had a guitar!I used to attend guitar classes when I was a kid.But honestly I still cant play a piece properly.First string was my favourite.Very convenient.you can slide your fingers smoothly over it.but it is the one which hurts you the most,I still remember the dark red lines on my fingers.Well but very often the first strings break..I keep strumming it and somehow I manage to break it and then leave the guitar on a corner with an excuse that I cant play it without the first string!!
This day is special(1 Nov).Its an anniversary.I want to play the guitar,may be I will end up making a fool of myself like Phoeby(Remember her guitar practices).Because this day made me realise two important things in my life:
1.You may lose the first string and stop playing the guitar,But the other 4strings(wait a min,is it 5?) can work wonders,so don't bury your skills in memory of the dead string,make the second string the first string and play it,the note may be low,but I think its more reliable as its hard to break.
2.First string is hard to bend,but easy to break,but you always cherish the notes on the first string,never want to see any other string replace it,coz my favourite notes are always high!!!!
A harmless Guitar Player!!!


Riddhi said...

The best and my favorite post so far... :)

Matt said...

The manner in which you are trying to make a similarity to playing a 'handicapped' guitar .. beautiful!