November 6, 2007

I love India :)

10 things I miss about India
1.Food...The tasty,spicy and yummy cheap food u get there
2.Public transport especially autorickshaws incoming calls and sms
4.My size clothes [:P]
5.TV and all my favourite programs
6.Daily morning newspaper.
7.Hartals and bandhs
8.All festival Holidays
9.License to go anywhere without the i 20 and passport
10.The most important...Not being a desi....[:)]

10 Things I like about College station/bryan
Sorry will post later..My brain just crashed I guess..will reboot and update later..


Matt said...

hmmm .. you forgot us .. your working class, meagerly-paid, innocent and dear .. friends! :p

Bhadra said...

One of this working class ppl complained that i write only senti I didnt want to make this one senti...And I am not missing u guys at I????

Rohit said...

Deja Vu