November 20, 2007

Notes of Sarcasm -2

Today was a tough day.I didnt have much to do,but My heart feels so heavy.I should be exited about my tomorrow's New York trip.But don't know why I am not!!I tried to sleep early,But some weird dreams kept crawling in.I thought I should write it somewhere.This might sound a bit out of place or for the lack of words 'awkward',But I guess I should take the freedom of expression..Expressions of a hurt heart.I wish I could pen down some lovely dreams,not nightmares,May be the choice of my songs are wrong.I should stop listening to my favorite numbers which always moisten my eyes..Let me just try to pen down my dream ,may be with a lame excuse that I might forget it soon..But then it wasn't a dream..this was a conversation between my best friend and myself..may be I was sleep talking..But then the story was amusing.I would like to cut it short..I don,t want to write it as a story ..Its not a story..but a reality??
There was a little girl next door..
I used to see her peeping out of the window
I wondered who she was waiting for??
there were no moon days and full moon days
her expressions varied day by day...
I see her blush when it is a full moon day..
Now I know a secret about her.
She is in love with the moon..
it was a fantasy,it was an infatuation;
I could read her mind somehow
Suddenly she disappeared;
She was running away from him
never did she know that she cant hide from him..
Moon is everywhere;wherever you go
I could hear her cries;
Never could locate her..
But one day I heard and saw her;
She looked up for him;
But there came a meteorite,She was hesitant to go
But I saw her flying away from her worries.
It was a no moon day.
The moon came next day..He looked around;
he was surprised not to find her
But he ever asked;I know he wanted to enquire
But he is so high up in the sky
I wish I could reach and tell him about her
But he never waited for her.Nor did I tried to reach him
I dreamt about her;
She said to me..
Never fall in love with the moon!!!!


Anonymous said...

The moon, in couple of dravidian languages 'CHANDrAN', is definitely far away, an RA(ridiculous and awfully) away.
Though not intentionally, individuals do selfsabotage themselves, pricking the bruises caused by the fetters of the past with reminiscenses and remorse , and cribbing why they are so lonely, so unhappy and so devastated.

If only you know that you are complete in yourself and you dont require any other external factor to make you contented, grateful and excited, the rest of your life would stay blissful.

From the desk of the anonymous, without snobbism, without sarcasm, but a benevolent tint of empathetic fraternalism.

anonymous for now said...

Will this be moon love?
Nothing but moon love
Will you be gone when the dawn comes stealing through?
Are these just moon dreams?
Grand while the moon beams;
But when the moon fades away
Will my dreams come true?
Much as I love you
Don't let me love you
If I must pay for your kiss with lonely tears,
Say it's not moon love
Tell me it's true love
Say you'll be mine when the moon disappears ..

Bhadra said...
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Bhadra said...

The little girl saw him..The Sun..who just came in whn she cried for the moon..But the Sun thought she still loved the moon..She wants you to snatch her away ...:) whoever you are Mr 'ANONYMOUS FOR NOW'

very very anonymous said...

The moon sems to b the cause of a lot of confusion n drama...i think the easiest solution wud b to eliminate the moon...plz join us in our mission to drown the moon in the OCEAN

V R Anonymous said...

The moon sems to b the cause of a lot of confusion n drama...i think the easiest solution wud b to eliminate the moon...plz join us in our mission to drown the moon in the OCEAN