November 28, 2007

Sweet Smell of a Great Sorrow

A dew drop washed away my tears
I smiled and embraced the warmth of that moment
Holding those moments tight,I took a breath
The fall colors and the soft snow kissed my fate
My faith was keeping its fingers crossed
Felt Fall is gonna drop off all the sorrows
My eyes wished to wake up for a new spring;

I didn't want to wake up;
I knew its a dream but soon to be a nightmare;
snow is gonna freeze me;It did
I stood still..I see all the other flowers blooming
But none in my garden;
I pressed open a bud to see a blossom
Petals falling down,I picked one of them
I see the dew drop on it..
The sky was sunny,wondered where it came from
felt the reflections on it..
saw my eyes ready to kiss farewell to those sweet moments
I did breathe hard.Ready to harden my tender soul
to face yet an other ordeal with a great smile...:)


Horatio said...

onnum manasilayilla

Anonymous said...

I am too ignorant to comment anything... but try to 'Just let go!'

LET GO of whatever is limiting you. Let go of whatever is hurting you. Just allow some space in your life, so that life/God might fill that space with what you deserve, and being a part of the cosmic dance, you deserve everything which has ever been manifested in the world and beyond.

Stop clinging to the past. Every hardship brings with it a seed of equal or greater opportunity. Realise it. Stop chasing love. Be the love. Let divine love flow out of you in all directions.

Remember, today is your first day of the rest of your life. Start afresh.

From the desk of the anonymous.