November 26, 2007

Attention Blog Visitors

These days I find that many are very enthusiastic to comment on my posts and they just twist and turn my words..Like an old friend of mine told me once' People want to believe what they want to'..So continue with your assumptions and conclusions..The freedom of expression shouldnt be questioned...So happy commenting...:)


Rahul Rad said...

hi Bhadra... just found you via blogpane. I do hope you are doing very well there :-)

Rohit said...

man you blog is going crazy...esp the comments..btw did u write the poem in the prior post?

also the statement is "People want to believe. You show them what you want them to believe"
Don't kill sadism.

Bhadra said...

@Rohit..what to do...Never expected that my notes on/of sarcasm would drive ppl crazy..I am trying to eradicate sadism from myself,But Forgot that I breathe sadism

Sujith Prasad said...

:-) First time reading ur blog,what u have written here seems to me as Kirukku or Vattu... :-)))