October 3, 2007


The word 'love' excites everyone.I shouldn't make this statement universal as there are people who are allergic to that very expression and claim that they are NOT interested.My four years of under graduate education gave me a dual degree.A B Tech in Civil Engineering and a PhD in' Analysis of relationships'.I would like to pen down my findings as it might or might not help those who are not engaged yet.These days having a boyfriend/girlfriend is a common scenario...But its very seasonal.Back in college it was semester wise.The first Phase is the necessity..escapism from boredom.or when you see your friends with a girlfriend/boyfriend.Another reason might be cause you feel that you have been waiting for so long for the right person and you realise with a heavy heart that you are still 'SINGLE'.
Love at first sight!!!Well its something really tough..because love at first sight mostly happens when either the girl or the guy is really hot!!or may be I am wrong..so mostly such people are committed and those who fell into this trap of 'first love' will join the desperado club!!
My PhD was concentrated on the types of Love..According to my findings there are 4 reasons or types of Love.
1.Sympathy Based:these are relationships which build up out of symapathy.when one of is going through a bad phase in his/her life, a support is always welcome.The support grows into relationships and then..I actually wonder..will it last after you are outof the situation.may be..
2.Looks matter..yeaz it does..the most good looking girl in the neighborhood..she is the dream girl..Every human earns for a good looking partner...Even if the dreamgirl is a bitch(okie the dream guy is a bastard) u ca hang out with the person for sometime..jsu because looks '.......'
3.Intellectual/Philosophy:There are few pairs which get attracted to eachother because they feel that ONLY they can understand each other..their frequency matches,their intellect matches..what not!!they end up discussing philosophy,and the so called WEIRD and scientific stuff and later realise that..here we go
'made for each other'.Mostly this happens when two people do research together,or they work in the same field.But they are considered the 'most unromantic' people around,But they surprise others quiet often
4.The last category is the 'instincts' or the 'admiration' category.we all cherish certain dreams in our minds.we admire certain characteristics.We are amazed my certain qualities or attitude in others.This can be considered to a strong and reasonable characteristic to fall in love with someone.You admire certain behavioral characteristics which you would like to share or to experience..So you are simply attracted..:)
There are a few people who doesnt fit in any of these categories.The people who fall in love and never realize it or hate to accept it.They are the people who suffer and mostly believe 'one time' or 'never' !!!They are the people who believe themselves that are the ones using 'head' and not 'heart'..Lacking guts or flooding ego..they keeping it within themselves.
Well I personally feel that you need not 'go out' with a person or 'hang around' to love someone..Its just all in you..You might never let the other person know that you love him/her..U dream..keeping loving the person..get saturated and at somepoint you feel frustrated because you are confused.!!!But then you try convincing yourself that you were never in love..But at some point u simply 'Wish' the other person loves you and keep waiting...forever...with a hope in your 'heart' and a faith in your 'head' that its impossible!!!
Well as I mentioned in my first post its matter of your heart...But what I dont understand is 'trying out the chemistry"..From the very beginning you know that its never gonna work out..But you just go ahead for those momentary happiness..and then comes the breakups and patch ups..well guys..I am a bit conservative..So I believe that 'love' happens only once'...if you are lucky..you'll find your true luve soon..If you have already found one...Cheers!!!


deepth said...

Never thought that u observe so much about the relationships.. :)
well i agree to ur 'hanging out love' theory :P
hope love happens so many times till marriage ;-)

Bhadra said...

yup keep loving till marriage..and love the person more after marriage!!!

Wetfingers said...

hey..long time...start off in the world of blogging.Observations are actually neat.

Anphy said...

Interesting !!!

krishnan said...

so tell me prof. :P..
under wat category do these ppl fall.. 2 strangers got married..
spent an eternity togethr.. and they havent dated.. they prbbly wudnt have even said those 3 'magic' words to each other.. but they faced all hell n heaven on earth togethr.. without doubting eachother.. u think they actually loved eachother? or were just forced to live togethr.. mayb im talking about a society which existed 50 yrs ago.. when sweet divorce wasn't an option.. wat do u say?

Bhadra said...

well krishnan.when I write about the institution 'marriage' I'll answer to questions..so keep waiting for my next blog 'Marriage' which i probably write after my MS