October 14, 2007

The Downpour

Rains always fascinate us....It rained in Bryan today..I wish I could walk in the rain..anyways just a small thought from my heart...

I could hear your footsteps

Tamping to the rhythm of my heartbeat

My entangled hands moved to reach you

Bleeding path of destiny haunting my way

Words of sarcasm hitting me hard

I closed my eyes to see you

Bruises of past brushing me, I shivered;

holding you tight, I could feel the warmth

closing my eyes tight to hold the dream

Living the moments I never would embrace

Smiling at the zenith of the fake happiness;

The halos of fate and faith lightening my canvas

I spilled the colors of my life on your wet hand.

I opened my eyes with an empty hope

To see the colors of for coming seasons subliming


vijaya said...

Rain and nostalgia are inseperable in some way. Especially if you are from Kerala :-). I really liked the analogy of life to the canvas and the part about fate and faith lighting it up. Well said! May you blog on :)

krishnan said...

true.. rain takes u down the memory lane.. makes u think of things.. and it is one of the few things u'd like to enjoy on ur own..

joy said...

very nice poem and definitely reminds me of a band called "opeth" who write in similar thoughtful ways .. Though u claim "unless you know me well,I doubt you can understand my words" in ur first post, i believe this thing is really understandable and none the less awesome .. cheers .. write more!