July 26, 2008

Matrimonial Blues!!

I guess this post may turn out to be a bit controversial. :p
But this is something I really wanted to write ,but never had the 'Guts' to.But today after being asked by my relatives to create a profile in Bharat Matrimony,I guess a few words of sarcasm/helplessness should be vent out from a soul that is burning out a remote sense of humility!
Few years back when I joined college and used to watch my friends get into relationships,I used to believe myself that it is a taboo!My previous posts about my perspective of theories of 'Love' has labeled me as a conservative idiot who is not ready to move on life because of her silly principles and ideologies.
Well, as grad student who took courses in Risk management still do believe that its not a worthy 'Risk'.Four years of a wonderful college life taught me a few more theories about 'Falling in Love'.
1.Its all meant for people who can just change plates and simply moves kissing goodbye to all those emotional entanglement whatsoever they had.
2.Never ever assume that couples you see around you are gonna get married.
3.If you are just looking for momentary fun,Romance is a bliss!!

Well I am deviating from what I intend to write,so let me just come back to the point.There comes a point early/late in most of our lives we have to think seriously about finding a partner for ourselves(This is a very generic statement,I agree there might be exceptions).So for all those unfortunate souls who tried to stick with the Risk management theories will have to go through a humiliating torture which might ultimately lead them to a turning point in life.
But the method has undergone a major evolution in past few years.Newspaper adds and brokers are not attractive anymore.Its all about how well you can describe in a few words about yourself and your family.
I found it funny and a bit frustrated when I logged into one of the matrimonial sites to register myself.May be its not a big deal.But for a few seconds I felt as if I was gonna be put on sale in E Bay!To describe yourself in 50 words,your expectations about your partner in another 50 words!Should I just cut copy paste my Resume or put a link to my orkut profile?? (Which I think is a better idea)
Is this how everything works out in our society??My friends had some terrible experiences with the so called' checking out' a guy as a part of the arranged marriage business.You go meet a guy who your parents found you from a newspaper/site talk to him for an hour and give them a 'Yes' or 'No' in 24 hours!
Well,like the dating sites ,it a gamble which few people have to go through I guess.A punishment for keeping up your priciples and theories and mitigating a risk!
On a lighter note,like in Bollywood movies 'Mr Khan' would be there next to you in the flight.I should make sure I talk to the guy next to me when I fly next time!
The time is not so far when we see matrimony classifieds in personal Blogs!!


Matt said...

Though you say - rather, trying to say - that this whole registering in matrimonial sites and checking out 'prospective' guys profiles is kinda pathetic, yet you are going through with it because your conservative conscience feel this is the norm in the society.
Its easy to say that this whole online matrimonial thing is plain crap, but we do this only not to disappoint our folks or relatives. It shouldnt be this way.

Ajith said...

Never thought this 50 word profile is there on matrimony sites too,which is bad news for people like me too...Here I struggled for couple of days to make a 50 word profile for placement brochure ..
And yeah, linking to your orkut profile might not be a good idea unless you edit the adjectives list in 'about me' :D ..
Good luck with bharat-matrimony :)

rakuboy said...

oh yeah! am in the same soup rite now.. now that I have started working, all I hear is 'mone.. oru pennu kettu.. settle cheyyu'..
but one advantage to this is that you get to meet someone more to your liking, rather than getting proposals from an uncle's-brother-in-law's- aunty's- cousin's daughter...
nyway, am going home next month for a cousin's wedding.. am half expecting my aunts to show me prospective brides during that time..
God save me!!!!

and good luck to you ;)

Anphy said...

"I felt as if I was gonna be put on sale in E Bay!"Right on.
The whole "arranged mrg process" is a big torture.
And my concept of love is too ideal to happen in reality :D
So dt too is ruled out :)

Bhadra Nair said...

Well I think we are all in the same boat!!Anyways this is a big torture!!Now I really wish If I am not an ideologist

Viajero said...

So hws the '4 sale' process goin? :) wishing luck for a bharatiya groom from bharat matrimony ;)

Bhadra Nair said...

Hehe..So far just one profile ntrsted me..Googled him in orkut and from there to his acad page..But no idea whats the next step..;)

Wetfingers said...

Bloody bad world...please give this job to kretil. He'll do it to perfection. He'll find the right man for you. NO need that site and all..

Anonymous said...

Rather put up a nice profile on a job site, expect to get more calls from them

Also 1 question what to do if the guy sitting next to you in the plane is some old married uncle or some 8 yr old kid?

Anonymous said...

Principles held u back from getting into a relationship, really!!
Or did you just not find a great guy ??

Anonymous said...

haha..parents pimping big time for you huh?Is'nt it unfair that we indians are seldom acknowledged for coming up with the concept of speed dating first?but i guess we're much better off than our predecessors..many of them they ended up getting handcuffed to their first blind date..

stumbled on your blog from abid's..cheerio!

sandeep said...

have been hearing the same complaint from frnds for a while now :) and most of them are married by now. u still have time to re-assess the risks and find someone on ur own. doesnt that path look less risky than arranged marriage now :)

reached here from ajith's blog and nitc blog pane

Bhadra Nair said...

Its less risky.But I belive in this priciple.When u find the right person,u never look for better ones!Neither am I taking an effort nor thr right person has the time to bump into me :P