July 13, 2008

A Random Thought!!

All of us have zillion goals in life ranging from doing the laundry during the weekend to becoming the CEO of the company you work for.A group of people find pleasure and are content with a mediocre set of dreams or tasks that they think they can fit in ,but some others chase the kite without any idea how to get back to where they started.
Every kid we see today are toppers,multi talented,waiting for a stage to show the world that they are ready for the race.Parents training them with talent buiding and a few hours of fun periods in their timetable.Of all the people we see in the front of the race have an anxiety,a fear if they will succeed!But do we notice those people at the far end of the lane??
Are they ready for it?Do they know what a 'Race' is.But we see a smile of content,happiness that they made a day happen and a confidence that they will make tomorrow a better day.Just a hug from their dear ones giving them a warmth in this winter of pain.
NB: Thats my cute nephew who just turned 1 this week :)
PS: This post is a movie hangover!!A movie of 'special' kids


Vinitha said...

A very nice 'random' thought :-) !
Absolutely agree with you !!
btw, your nephew's soooo cute !

Ajith said...

There is a world for everyone, no matter who they are and what their abilities are. :)
Yeah, pressure drives ppl crazy at times

Matt said...
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Matt said...

Everyone can find happiness in the smallest and simplest of things they do. There are many who are content and glad in the things which you may think are more or less insignificant. Its all about finding that little sense of satisfaction and turning it into something bigger.

Riddhi said...

ditto to Matt.

You don't need to run the "Race". Look around, have fun and enjoy your walk to the finish line at your own pace. Its all about impressing yourself with your amusing achievements.