July 20, 2008

Whining Guitar String!

'Strength is a Virtue always admired,Never Desired'.
This is the ultimate truth that I have been living for a couple of years.I was quiet ignorant about the great philosophies the authors of 'self motivating' books narrate which makes the readers feel that they are with a bunch of equally affected species.Their trauma is something they need to work out and one fine day they see themselves standing on a pedestal.
But the truth is that when people call somebody strong,the person never realises the depth of their strength.Strength of mind is generally misunderstood has some sort of a capacity to take any kind of tragedies and move ahead faking all the sorrows with your chin up!!As time goes those strong minds are stamped on and taken for granted by others that they are numb to any kind of trauma!!All that the world can tell them is'You are strong,we know u can handle this'!
What that matters is the reselience,how much an indiviual can handle a change in life,some people cant even digest a small change in their daily schedule,but for some others every day can be a new experience.Its how ur soul is made.Rubber or Rock!!
But cant the strong mnd wish for a weak moment?A moment to be framed as a weak soul and cuddle for warmth!A stronger ladder to climb on with a weak mind, But a trust to those foots that it will never make you fall!!

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Anonymous said...

A rubber soul, a rubber sole ;)

Anyway, a brilliant thought worded here!