March 20, 2008

Notes on/of Sarcasm-3

Last week I was talking to one of my friends about 'Love Part-1&2' issues and she mentioned to me that she was 'living a dream'for three months.From that moment I have been thinking when was the last time I was living a dream?I thought it was impossible for any common man to live a dream,as those things just happen in the climaxes of Bollywood and Hollywood Romantic comedies.I do agree that everybody has different dreams,but then,Do we actually get the chance to live a dream in our Life!Everyday we have a small task ahead of us,by them time we are done,there comes the next day..But when does the'Living the Dream' part come in??

Again something very different from the what I was talking about.
There is this Prof in my Department who everybody hates,because he makes everybody work like hell and end up giving really bad grades.Most of us take his courses just because they are core courses and we cant escape from it.Nobody makes him their Advisor as he might never let us graduate with his strict policies.This semester my Department came up with a new policy that doesnt let the student choose the Advisor as most of us go for the lenient and sweet profs in the department ;).
As Expected this year I was the lucky soul to get 'the prof' as my advisor!!!I wasn't surprised but was happy,nobody would blame me for being always pessimistic..:p
Yesterday I went to meet him in his room..He asked me to wait in his room which actually made me realise a few things.
I happen to see lots of color papers in his room with cute drawings by his daughter.In every picture she has written 'You are the best Dad'.In every corner of his room he had picture os his daughter.I remember him telling us in class that his daughter is adopted..Though he is not the best prof for us,he is the best dad for a somebody.People we completely detest or might ignore because of our silly/stupid reasons might be very dear to somebody else or even mean the whole world to him/her.Isn't it something to be thought about..Everybody has different roles,In some we might fail and in some we might succeed,But failing in one wont make us a loser in life!!!


Ajith said...

First, 'living in a dream' - that usually happens when u r mesmerized by some achievement so much that u r oblivious to the world u r in..That happens, though for a short time :)

Now the latter part.. I've not yet found a person who is equally successful in all walks of life.. But what happens is, when we try to judge a character, we tend to catch the negative aspects very quickly ( unless he is extraordinarily successful in something ) ..And thats essentially a bias.
swalpam over-philosophy aayennu thonunnu :P

Bhadra Nair said...

Hehe..illa..Philosophy is the esssence of life...