March 23, 2008

A Doubt

I came all the way holding your hand
Every single step I moved in the pain
the warmth of your hands made me strong
I looked on your eyes to see myself today
All I see is me smiling in the seasons to come
I searched for my true self in the present
Did you wash it away with your own tears?
The gleam faded with the pain that I hold
Faking a future that is never to be mine
I know this journey will never end
Every blossom I dreamt dried when the sun came
I wish you never gave your hand to hold on
Flaking memories would keep my smile
Tell me there is another world behind the zenith!!

1 comment:

Ajith said...

And new blossoms will bloom in those places..
With new hands to hold on too..
The journey should never end..
For, there's just one life to see this world.