September 18, 2008

My Chicken Soup

1.Career Fair :Not at all Fair.
Headline:'We don't sponsor International Students'
Process:Wash all the plates before you go to bed!Start the next day with a clean kitchen.
PS:Conserve Trees.Do not give your resumes just because u spent 2 weeks preparing it.

2.Friendship:A Complex Possessiveness
Headline:'Seasons in the Sun'
Process:Vent out all that insecurities,possessiveness,fear and anxiety you have for your friend.Act like a total fool.Toast the bread with extra Cheese for him/her.
PS:Do not try this before you plan to sleep.You'll lose your sleep,next day's classes and assignment deadlines.

3.Mono act:A Satire
Headline: Weapon of Choice
Process:Laugh aloud,smile as if you got the best surprise ever,weep inside with a thought that I fooled them again.Switch off the Pressure Cooker before 6 whistles,else it will be the 'last Smile'
PS:The Audience area set of prejudiced souls who are busy with their personal affairs.Never ever expect that the theatre will be house full everyday like the inaugral day.


sandeep said...

delicious chicken soup. i usually prefer the thicker variety, but here the thin one was gud :)

ira said...
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ira said...
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