September 11, 2008

Stairway to Heaven :D

Doomsday talks all around the world,people are slowly accepting the fact that the rumours might actually come true.Every single person I meet has some interesting piece of information about the doomsday.I started noticing posters here and there about various 'world ending' party announcements.Well,such doomsday announcements have come and gone.I still remember atleast a dozen of such announcements in past 15 years.But this time media is giving an unusual coverage to the whole 'Big Bang' experiment.
I really don't why should everybody worry,because even if it happens we wont even know.Its gonna be like a dream.Its just a fraction of a second.A blink!I just read about a girl in India who suicided just because she though world is gonna end.Even if its true she will be the only loser!For me the whole 'doomsday' is not making any sense.I don't think any agency would let an experiment happen without studying the consequences.May be its the experiment team itself bringing up such possibilities to give popularity to this experiment!I am just glad I did a bit of learningg about Big Bang! :P
With the 'Ike' Hurricane hitting our place tomorrow,everybody is excitedly talking about their last wishes.But I am glad I got a holiday for Onam to welcome the'Ike' maveli.Its gonna be a thrilling experience tomorrow,with a zillion emails poring in my mailbox from the university authorities regarding the weather conditions and preparations,I am getting more and more curious how severe it is gonna be.May be this is a hype,But may be not.
Happy Onam and Happy 'Ike' to all in College Station :)
I am missing Onam terribly!May be Onakodis more ;)
PS:I would love to know what everybody thinks of doomsday!


Jolly said...

Hey Bhadra, great blog here.
Been frequenting it for some time now. Amazing work :)

Bhadra Nair said...

Thanks Jolly!Just random thoughts..

Serendipity said...

So how was the Ike experience?