April 18, 2012

Making of a 'Home Maker'

Just like someone said before,our whole life is like a KSRTC Bus Journey.(For those not familiar with what a KSRTC bus is,it is the official bus transportation system in Kerala,very often referred to rickety bus rides and slow movements,should admit the new generation ones are really admirable).Mostly we start the journey standing near the driver's seat clinging on to all that we get hold of and eventually you wait for someone to make an exit and rush to get hold of the seat and have a narrow miss and still stand looking at the missed opportunity and looking around who makes the next exit.Then finally you get a seat and you breathe and look outside to get a glimpse of the true life moving around.There comes a signal,where all those on travel are on a standstill at the crossroads.You see one lane moving towards the green,with a a sarcastic smile on their faces saying 'We won the race',little do they know there is another red signal waiting for them on the route.
I loved those private moments I get on my way to and back from work,watching the traffic,watching almost the same set of people and interesting incidents and much more of a busy city life,where everyone is rushing to make a living.Luxury at its best with the world's best cars,infrastructure and much more.Not to forget those tired sleepy laborers who are stacked like consumables in supermarket sandwiched in hardwork,misery and dreams of making a living for their family back home.
I miss all that what I had,though I used to complain about my solitude,my hatred to come back after work to a closed room and feel the company of someone through skype,But today sitting in a house all alone myself in my new role as 'Housewife' I hate to admit,I miss my job,the job I hated so much,the place I felt made me a stereotype.
Today I feel like someone watching out to see everyone else in the signal gets to go and my lane seems to be in a blockage,I admit I should enjoy this very moment about being with my husband and enjoy my hidden passion for cooking,But I at times cant stop thinking about when I will restart my career,thanks to US rules on work authorization for spouses,I have little hope on going back to work in another one year.
But I guess everyone has their share of stories to say,some left their jobs to join their husbands,some to take care of their parents,and some to look after their children.
Well guess I might start this lethargy pretty soon,getting up late,no deadlines to meet,cooking innovative dishes,checking facebook and mails anytime of the day,never missing an afternoon nap,cribbing to husband of all that you could do if you had a job,trying to find dust at some corer of the room,so you could add it to the list of 'things to do' today.May be this is my golden period,I should not miss enjoying everybit,but to this generation girls who have been brought up to become a smart career women and mebbe never ever mentioned to her about becoming a smart home maker ( exceptions were there) it takes sometime to take the plunge.
But as long as I deaf my ears to those questions from the caretakers and wellwishers about my future plans and how i spend time at home,I guess I am Good!


Rithuparna said...

Hi, been there. My reason was my baby and husband's career change. I too really missed my life as a career woman. But this period has helped me to have a thorough introspection and figure out what I really want out of life. And with lots of luck or by the grace of god, I am going back to work. It was really hard finding a job after a 2 year break, but I got what I wanted. Whenever I got a rejection mail, I used to think, all this would make a nice story to tell someday, when I will be asked to make a speech as a CEO of some company!!!This job search, with all the uncertainty of a fresher, has given me a new confidence and I won't be afraid to quit again if I have to or want to. So enjoy your time, do some soul-searching, may be this is the only period of rest you will ever have..This will be a good time to create some wonderful memories for your busy future as a successful leading lady somewhere...

Chellu said...

Thanks for being inspirational :)I consider myself to be unlucky when it comes to career opportunities or rather the lack of it,or mebbe I never used my potential to the fullest when I was given one

Rakesh said...

enjoy this time to yourself.. before you get back to the grind and join the rat race..
good time to do tha introspection thing that Rithuparna suggested above..