March 18, 2012

List Goes On...

I was wondering how different my childhood would have been I was born in this century.All of us have beautiful memories and treasured moments which we wish to relive again. I would like to list a few things I truly regard as special and could recollect as the fondest memories of my childhood
• Sip Ups-The flavored iced delicacy in a plastic tube which used to cost 25 paisa. My amma used to discourage having it saying it’s made of drainage water , But still I would yearn for one especially after the March Annual exams, while walking back home in the hot sun holding your clip board and pencil case in a plastic textile cover.
• Sunday Programs in Doordarshan-Chandrakantha-The character that comes to my mind is ‘Kroor Singh’. Duck Tales used to be my all time favorite. I can still sing the theme song. The Chitrahaar which was eagerly awaited every week for the latest bollywood songs.
• 4:30-6:30 play time.6:30 used to be the most difficult time for the kids when they know they have to go back home now. Irrespective of exams or projects most of us enjoyed 2 hours of rolling in the sand and making our own innovative games, Climbing tress plucking mangoes, watchman running behind the kids, cycle race and the list goes on.
• ‘Free’. those Free things we get with Boost/Complan especially the stickers of sportsmen or the Frisbee or the cards. I used to eagerly wait for Balarama’s festival editions where I would get a sticker free which I would stick in my door adding to the collection,not to mention Mayavi’s adventures.
• Sending answers to Surabhi Program in TV. I have no clue how many postcards I have sent to them expecting my name to be announced.
• Train Journeys and enjoying the hot snacks especially the cutlets and vadas served from Indian Railway Pantry
• Occasional hotel food. I still remember how hard it was for me to get a parcel of Parotta Chicken from nearby canteen. Only if I had a 95 plus in all subjects I would have the privilege of tasting some hotel food which then was a taste I would die for.
• Chocolates and Stationeries from abroad. The Mars,the Twix and those special colored erasers and pencil sharpeners which had that ‘Foreign smell’ in the Lulu packets.
I might just go on.I am sure you guys have loads to add to this list 

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Rakesh said...

couple of weeks back I had gone to the railway station to see off my sis.. bought an issue of bobanum-moliyum after ages.. felt so good reading them...