February 5, 2008

An Ode to Google AdSense

I am a big fan of Pschycedelic Rock.Sounds weird???Well there are days when my existence floats on certain repeated tracks from my Ipod[My roomies find my choice of songs a bit odd and crappy,So I am denied the pleasure of listening to my favourite numbers from my laptop].Flying high,I always end up writing a post in this public forum to mark those 'Dark Days'..
My incessant complains about not getting an assistantship and the twists and turns in my life,I always end up with the so called dark side writing.But one day my roomie came up with an idea of cashing my emotions to few dollars in my bank account.She was the one to introduce me to google adsense..It appeared harmless and I thought why not??Let a few ads come in my post..:P. So we decided to join Google adsense.Never knew it was a devil in disguise...
One of my friends.who happens to be a blogger too,gave me some shocking information.Seems, putting up adsense is a big crime for an International student.For a moment I missed a heartbeat.!!!This Country is weird,they have a long list of clauses to deport F1 people like me.Can you believe that letting some ads in my personal site and earning a quarter dollar could be reason to deport me back.Yes!!!:(.Like I mentioned in some my previous posts,you have to filter even the air you breathe here,what if some American sue me for taking his part of air??..I want to go back..Sit in an autorickshaw and roam around,see some people breaking the rules,getting away with a wink.Enjoy the pleasure of being in MY Country..be a proud Indian.
I am not an ideologist,at this very moment I sincerely believe 'Rules are meant to Broken'..
ps:I no longer have google adsense and I havent spell checked..:P


Anonymous said...

What the... ?? Google should ban these sort of blog entries that serves to create antagonistic feelings against the republic. And if you are too interested in roaming around sitting in some weird three wheeled carts, why did you jump onto a jet plane racing towards this country.

And dont breathe in too much air, you never know..some forlorn soul might be just perplexed that he lost few!!

Bhadra Nair said...

lol..That was a good one Thomas..You should definitly make your blog public,I am sure there must be some interesting stuff in that..

Ajith said...

There is an alternate way. I believe u can have google adsense linked to your Indian address.But if you link it to your US address, yes trouble might come ( a remote possibility still ) .

Horatio said...

now you can guess why there was so much music in the 60 and the 70s. There was so much constraints imposed that musicians created imageries to express their opinion. As for breaking the rules u can do that to fellow indians there. I am sure my year mates wont mind much.

As for psychedelic music i suggest listen to some music by moody blues.

Abid said...

i loved the autorickshaw part. :)