January 10, 2008

A tribute to CEM Fall 2007 Batch

Last year this time of the year I was eagerly waiting for an admit letter from my well planned list of 8 universities.Like the MS applicants call it, 2 dream ones 4 moderate and 2 safe ones.Getting into my dream university was my ultimate goal.Like we read in various orkut communities and Edulix I too believed that once you get here,u 'll find some kind of funding.With thee full scholarships in hand I still waited for my dream university which is a nightmare now.
I came here thinking it was a big achievement getting into the university I ranked first in my list and some kind of funding is sure to help me graduate.But still its an irony that when all the people you know have something in their hand,and you are still waiting.
I was chatting with one of my classmates about the pathetic situation of our specialization which doesn't even give an instate whereas some departments just give all their graduate students an instate as if its some kind of a incentive for joining that specialization.He made a valid point which everyone who is planning to come to a US university should be aware of.There are a couple of graduate students with a gpa of 4,coming from top Colleges of India with other good admits, washing plates and cleaning tables just to survive in this land and to pay their fees.
Its kind of hard to digest at times,But at least for a few people like us life in US is not a bed of roses.Its the question of survival.We bitch about our department and vent out our anger,assume that other specializations and departments doesnt exist,keep working overnight in concrete lab just to manage three courses,whereas some others with 4-5 courses a semester,party every night and earn 1000$ a month.Are we denied all this just because we have an extra 'and' in our specialization..May be yes..Just because we are Construction Engineering and Management not Construction Management..
I dont know what made me write this..May be next year this time,I'll read this post with a smile..
Well this is a small tribute to all my classmates who are frustrated with everybody in CE TTI Building..Lets all hope,at some point in life all this appear silly and funny..Cheers to CEM


atul said...

hey..must say,u said it all for all of us..some may find it yet another story of a greedy desi grad but its very much d truth happening in our concrete lab,which ironically looks so dimunitive these days in front of d langford building, situated right across d grass!.. well as u ve already called it a "tribute", i 'd like to rephrase CEM..its Catastrophy in d End,yet Manage it!! i think CEM has made us d best biz managers which even d MAYS school cant compete wth..so what d hell am i saying? well, whats business learning al abt..FINANCE-Every fellowmate of mine keeps juggling d figures(converted to $) in his mind tryin to wangle out his tuition fee somehow. ACCOUNTING -keeping account of all d openings in 'jobs for aggies" so tht he doesnt need to say "for here/to go" again..and for my dining fellowmates, its also keepin ACCOUNT of when v clocked in n when v clocked out..MARKETING..oh this is somethin v r best at..making uncountable no. of visits to CE/TTI buildng knocking at every prof's door as if v r salesmen tryin to sell some inferior quality 'product' called RESUME! HR- yeah, stayin in touch wth seniors with a hope(ogden nash kinds) of gettin his funding in own account some time in d future, and also maintaining artificial smile n respect for CE/TTI guys hopin some day their hearts wil change!..and lastly,yet most importantly, MANAGING STUFF..u bet v all r very tuf, prepared for anyhting n still expecting d best..and thts what matters d most..well d day aint far my dear CEMmates..Just hold on as v have all this while..cheers!

Bhadra said...

The truth is out there..:)


I can surely say that apart frm CEM as discussed by bhadra and business divisions explained by atul, we all r also good writers , bhadra can write a gr8 blog and atul can reply him in his best way as he can ......now as i m a nother CEM mate of them i too have to write something really strong....but yeah anything i write but truth remains d same that spread the world all ard that TEXAS A&M CEM of the prestigiuos civil engg dept. is all a fake,......students gets admits here for MS - which includes thesis but wat i see in this midst of darkness is there is no thesis and not even enough profs to guide students........apart they have every strong reason to convert a studnet frm MS to ME .....den y d hell they keep their nose up by saying that we r better .....infact a dept which cant help the students and is just worried abt their own research is not the ine we want,....so guys and gals only one ........lets make this and issue and do something........keep ur voices high and get those a******* holes down.........cheers

Shankar said...

All these blogs are here for one reason....we have a lot of free time on our hands! Although all that has been said is the truth and all CEM students go through the same feeling's,but still the truth remains that we are writing this coz we have time on our hands. Once col starts and we get back into the rat race none of us will be free to spend time on writing a blog about our sitiuation.....So guys write all u can when u can coz once school starts we wont have time to S$#%@&^ O&% A#@#$*.

Seera said...

And now its Seera's turn to write down something!
I know, I know....nobody would expect ME...but as you all know, things have changed...am deeply affected(is it too deep?)by CEM, and I would like to think I am pretty much famous here, among colleagues and especially professors! So my tribute to CEM is -
I will come in time for all classes
I will attend all classes
I will do all assignments
I will not screw up this time
I will prepare for exams
I will make it!


Cheers frm Seera, all ya CEM people!

Rohit said...



Bhadra said...

Wow..So we have MIS ppl also sympathizing us!!And where are those ppl working for ppl in TTI earning 1200$ a month?Hello???Hello?Anbody in there?

Rohit said...
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